Beary beary birthday

Thursday, December 04, 2008

For the curious, Jungle Boy did get me a tiny weeny pressie for fun becoz a birthday is not a birthday until u open a present, no?

Two new additions to my Bear family.
Small handphone Pinky and bigger keyring Pinky!

These are limited editions bears which I have been collecting over the past year.
The white and red one was a Valentine gift, n it has a heart shaped logo instead of its usual triangle one.

Prada's bringing these bears back for Christmas and they have new animals for those who doesnt like bears.
(Who doesnt like bears??)

Picture credit to Tpf.

I like the monkey and panda bear!
They are really affordable at $270 (big) and $160 (small) it makes a cute Christmas pressie for loved ones.

Alrights, off to take a shower and go meet girlfriends soon!
God bless.


Edited to reply tags:

Thanks to all for tagging!

Ros: My hair extension post are not advertorial, I just felt the work was good and prices reasonable.
I have since taken them out becoz I cant tie them properly for work! ><

Anon: Thank u!

Celine: Sorry I cant reveal anything about work. If u would like to ask me any questions regarding my job, feel free to email me. Thanks! :)

Joanne: Thanks I miss my old blog too. :(

Fan: Hee, thanks.

little.miss.tiny: *nods* I think changing skincare often does wonders for ur skin too! N regarding gel n cream based, it should be due to ur skin's texture although people usually say gel is for younger skin becoz young skin tend to be more oily and gel-based moisturisers are easier to penetrate n 'lighter'. Cremes are 'heavier' n more suitable for dry skins, eg mature skins.

Passerby: I love my Lanolin cream! Good for legs n hands too coz its so cheap.. :)

Thanks Joanne, Jan, Rae, Silver (I miss u!) Jam, Jen n Angelia!

Thumbelina: U can get Cetaphil at watsons n guardian. Hths!

Wendy: -_-

Fan & Jan: Thank u again!!

Polarie: OMG long time no hear from u! Tag often pls! :D

Ling: The music in my blog is from the website creator.

Mui: I rarely do facials, once or twice a year at most. But I like places using Dermalogical products becoz I feel they usually have a level of professionalism which I like.

Julie: I should add u in my links soon. Thanks.

Jo: Thanks dear!

Stranger: Its not really affected, n I like it there. Hope u saw my post on Samui and do feel free to ask me more.

Charlene: Thank u! *blush*

Fan: I posted pictures already!! :D

Jace: Thank u babe.

Miffy: Aiyo u bery sweet laa! Liken my blog to 4D!!!! :P

Fan: I'll update more coz on leave now but gng back to work soon! :(

Miko: Love ya dear! See u tonight!

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