Dinner, Gift Exchange & Spending an early Xmas

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes all u need for a quick pick-me-up in life are friends, dinner and lotsa laughs.
Im extremely thankful for my bunch of girls, who saw me through the years and I appreciate how they forsake precious time to accompany me for dinner.

Last night was another Happy Hour in our terms, but no alcohol actually needed.
And it was such a blast!

My bestie Wendy & me first did a lovely lunch at Shoduku Cineleisure where we ate as much as we camwhored.

Then it was time for our nail session whereby Shihua joined us at Far East straight.
I did my toes this time, a delightful Christmas themed French Pedicure (My favourite) but with a little twist.
I had some glitter added so the silver and white combination made it a very merry little christmas feel.
Wendy, almost predictably, -had chosen black nail polish for both hands and feet and the girls in the nail salon where laughing at how 'HEI BAI PEI' we were!
Hua had her favourite nude (read = machiam like nothing) colour on, but had also chose to do some glitter glitter with her soft gel nails.

After doing our nails, we had some time to ourselves before meeting our dearest Miko at Paragon for dinner so predictably us girls trooped off for some major (Wendy), minor (me) and window shopping (Shihua)!

I concur that Shihua actually have absolutely nothing to buy until she begrudgingly got forced by us to buy a small present for our Christmas gift exchange at dinner.

And so we had to split up to get a gift each for the lucky dip!
But not before we had a classic Shihua conversation.

Shihua: Can I buy chocolates as the present?
Me & Wendy: *roll eye* Yes u can.... but u are not supposed to tell leh!
Shihua: But I want to eat chocolate actually...

I still giggle at the thought of it as I type this down.

After the present-buying, we all then met up at Paragon Sushi Tei for dinner.
And this was really where the laughter started.

This was my wasabi.

Er..and this was Wendy's when she told me she wanted ABIT of wasabi.

I nearly kena smacked by her can!
But really this is abit wat!!!

My bestie bery hard to please.. haha.

Undoubtedly, we were such a rambunctious table!
I tell u, when girls meet up, lewd jokes fly and personal opinions that are quite, quite R(A)rated tend to, well, be openly aired.

We do love being brutally honest with each other and that included sharing bed tactics of others (men can be really funny!) that we heard through the common grapevine, idle hearsay about mutual friends & their jobs or just to simply put, - it was quite a gossip campaign that we held last night.

Oh.. karma oh karma duncha bite me for being such a biatch...Sigh.
Maybe u should bite my girlfriends first!
Hahahahhaha! Kidding la!

Picture Time!

So after some scandalicious talk, we proceeded to the best part of the evening.. GIFT EXCHANGE!

I made (well, kinda forced) everyone buy something a gift valued under $20.
(Nothing too expensive becoz recession, you know.)

Then I took some paper, wrote everyone's name on a slip, folded it up and juggled it.
Each person takes a piece and we open up to see who gets whose pressie.
If a person chooses her own name (I did it like, twice!), we re-do the whole process until everyone get another person's name.

It was quite funny and we did alot of shouting inbetween, too.

I got Miko's pink silver heart pendant, Miko's got Wendy's Crabtree & Evelyn hand moisturisers, Shihua's got my four mugs (as seen in picture) and Wendy's got Shihua's rose fagrance body butter.

But you know what friends are for when we ended up each with a MUG too!
Courtesy of Shihua who really thinks she has no business with FOUR mugs so might as well give us one each!
All thanks to the genius who bought four mugs!
(AHEM! Me! Me!)

But thats not all, Miko followed suit by very kindly distributing her hand moisturisers which I absolutely also love becoz its C&E's star product.

So at the end of the day, we all had a jolly good time laughing, playing and having some light-hearted fun despite the gloomy recession period now.

What a memorable way to end the year.
Armed with a 'goody' bag too!
I treasure each gift and will think of the girls whenever I use them.

You look back really, and realise that all the money in the world will never buy u true happiness or love, - and Im truly glad I had some yesterday.

And then I came home to a smiling Jungle Boy and it really made me feel on top of the world.

I appreciate u girls, and thank you for the absolutely wonderful day.
God bless.

Have a great weekend, all.
Merry Christmas!


Just for old times sake, heehee.


ladyshrewd: Hi babe, I booked my tour with Sunny Tours at Bugis Junction level One. It was a 4D3N tour, which included airport transfer, hotel with breakfast and return airtickets on BKK Airways. We paid around 850 (airport taxes, fuel surcharges etc) all in. HTHs!

CS: No problem sweets! :)

RK: Sorry, but he doesnt have a blog anymore. :( N thank u for reading. :)

June: Aww, thanks dear!

wendy: Did u disable new windows from popping out? My archives seem to work, but they are the sort that will open up in a new window each time u try to click on a month. Try again pls? I do hope its ok for u now!

LBT's fab: He doesnt have a blog but sometimes he posts on facebook so I'll try to secretly print some if I can! He'll kill me I think if he knows! :p

e gal doesnt like bear: Regarding the multi-vit capsule, I dun feel any tingling sensation but I think it might be too strong for oily or pimple-prone skin though. N yes, it was instructed by my beautician to apply after scrub and before normal moisturiser. :)

Hoots: Omg really? U linked from LBT's blog? Thats like pretty long ago! :) Thank u for reading, though. N sorry, he doesnt write anymore. He channels all that blogging to irritating me verbally now so pity me please!

fan: Thanks babe! Will be back with more skincare posts! :) N yes.. I love the BN masks! On sale now, so I have almost 9 boxes that I stocked up. :P

amelia: Showing my shoe collection??? >< Er... I think I need some time for that hahahhaha! Maybe soon. Maybe soon. But I dun have a huge collection, actually leh! So nothing much to see! :(

silver: DARLING! Yes I miss ur entries too! Busy with work I guess, poor thing u. *hug* Take care n thank u for ur bday wishes! muack u n enzo!

Ling: Ure most welcome, Ling!

apple: They're done at Iputa Nails, far east plaza. Tel: 67357073

Jolene: Hahahah thank u! Dun worry u didnt miss much! Look not in the past, but to the future! Hopefully there will be better things to come for everyone in the new yr too! :D

kylie: Sorry dear, its music from this blog from the blog creator, so Im not too sure too. :(

joanne: Oh god.. I need some time for that! LOL. But seriously, I have nothing much as compared to the other babe bloggers/forumers. *kowtow to them*

polarie: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Idiot lor u disturb me somemore.........!!!!!I now type until hand pain lor!!!

fan: Kakakakaka... why does everyone says I have alot of bags n shoes... (-_-)''
I dun... I really dun... (have enough) :p Have a great weekend too ya!

reader: I have an existing package with Amore(ladies spa) for years, n Jungle Boy doesnt like oil so we haven been to any couples massage actually. However, I do rec staying at the Beaufort Sentosa for a night if u wish to celebrate ur SO birthday becoz 1)they have a great spa there, 2) its not too far, but far enough. 3) Its really lovely there, very resort-like, very gd spa and 5-star service from hotel staff. 4) Food's great at their inhouse restaurant too! U get a great sea view n its near the pool so its really lovely! :)

I wish u love, health and happiness, always baby sister.

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