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Sunday, December 14, 2008

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This post is dedicated to dear Thumbelinaa who is asking about skincare.

Cetaphil is supposed to be hypoallergenic and safe to use for extremely sensitive and dry skin.
However, if ur nose has started peeling after purchasing a certain item,- I will not recommend continous usage.
Do stop for a week or two to determine actual cause of peeling by using another brand of facial cleanser, preferably using the ones that u have used before.

If the peeling persists, then it might be time to look into ur current skincare regime.

To understand the reasons behind peeling skin one needs to understand the structure of the skin. The skin consists of three basic layers: the outer layer or epidermis, the middle layer or dermis and the inner layer referred to as hypodermis. Each of these layers provides a particular function and is in a continuous state of change.

Every 28 days the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, is completely replaced once. The 28 day change, in the outer cover of the skin, is influenced by various factors such as hydration, friction, sun exposure and various other environmental issues.

Peeling skin is therefore a temporary problem and is known to heal in a few days as the new skin surfaces.

Some of the known causes leading to this skin disorder are: excessive perspiration, staph or viral infections, or excessive sun exposure resulting in sunburn.
Sunburn is one of the most common causes known that lead to peeling skin. As sunburn heats the top layers of the skin it begins to peel naturally.

If u are not suffering from sunburn, then lack of moisture in skin might be the reason for peeling.
Work stress, extreme cold weather, harsh skin treatments (eg chemical peels) might be a cause for this condition but fortunately there are ways to help improve moisture levels and stop peeling skin.

Here are some of my all-time favourite products from my personal skincare regime.
(Apart from daily moisturisers.)

I use these items alternately (See previous skincare post), sometimes as often as every two days, - sometimes only twice a week when my skin doesnt feel as dry.

I call them boosters, something u can use in addition when u need some extra moisture and pampering for ur skin.

From Left:

-BirdNest masks from Watson's-
I absolutely love this homebrand mask becoz they are really economical but full of Oomph!
The serum is thick and it is brainless and mess-free to use.
Great for frequent travellers becoz it packs light and u can afford to use it as often as u like if u have extremely dry skin.

My method:
I use it daily for a week whenever I experience peeling on cheeks.
Then after 7 days, u can use it weekly.

Pricewise: $$

-Dermalogical Multi-Vitamin Capsules-
Made of concentrated dosage of Vitamins A, C & E, this unique formula is made specifically for dry and pre-mature aging skin.
One capsule per application is all u need to deliver potent moisture for older skins so I tend to use it sparingly.
It smells of fish oil (no kidding!) but it makes my skin extremely soft the day after.
Recommended for night use, it goes on before ur regular moisturiser.

My method:
Only once a week, twice max esp after exfoliating face.

Pricewise: $$$$

-La Mer Skin Radiance Infusion-
A very cheem name for something that is basically a serum under this luxurious brand.
I bought it coz its my favorite brand (*roll eyes* , I know... Im a sucker for packaging.)

It smells great, .. like the ocean becoz it has seaweed components in it.

My method:
I use it almost alternately before moisturiser in mornings.

Pricewise: $$$$

-Dermalogical Hydrating Booster-
My star product becoz it did heal me of sunburn from my fishing trip weeks back.
An odorless, watery like serum, it makes up wat it lacks in looks by delivering unbeatable moisture deep into ur skin.

My method:
Before moisturiser, everyday morning & night.
Packs light becoz of its small size.
Sometimes I even use it alone on days when my skin doesnt feel so dry.

Pricewise: $$$

-SKII Facial Treatment Essence-
I've been using this for sometime now and I like how it provides clear skin n doesnt break me out.
Slight hydration purpose but I think I would credit this more for glowy skin.

My method:
In mornings before booster.
Difficult to travel with becoz of its large size (215ml), so sometimes I dun use it for up to a week.
I drop a facemask (shown in above picture)into a small container of treatment essence for a quick pick-me-up mask whenever Im free.

Pricewise: $$$

-Kose Sekkisei Lotion-
Extremely similar to the SKII treatment essence, Kose Sekkisei scores brownie points becoz it provides skin whitening effects in addition to hydration purposes.

My method:
Sometimes I either drop some into my palms and pat lightly on face or, put it on some cotton n use it like a toner. It lifts dead skin cells off ur skin's surface & promotes better absorption of ur moisturiser.
Alternatively, u can put a facemask in the lotion to relax if u can spare 15 mins.
Bi-weekly facemasks, alternating daily usage with SKII as lotion/toner.

Pricewise: $$

Here's also some Natural Remedies to cure peeling skin.

Nature care has some helpful remedies to provide immediate relief and for continuous use to make the skin prevent disorders such as peeling skin.

Here is a compilation of some such known home remedies that one can use for curing peeling skin. It is important to note that if desirable results are not achieved it is wise to consult a physician.

-Grated cucumber applied over the affected areas for 15-20 minutes has been found to be effective especially for the skin on the face. Regular application prevents dryness of the skin. U may also use avocardo flesh if u wish.

-Honey & olive oil are very effective in rejuvenating dry, parched skin.
Apply generously, then wash off after 10 mins.

I hope all this info benefits anyone who is trying to solve dry skin and attain that picture perfect skin!
(Who doesnt?!!)

Results might vary and if it doesnt work on you, then u can send it to me!
Haha kidding, dun kill me can already.

God bless, I do really hope u like coz I just came back from work!
Going out for dinner with Jungle Boy and family.
I love Sundays.. or the remainding of my weekend for that matter.


The author has no professional training in skincare and is NOT a certified dermatologist. All advice, info and product-recommendation was, and some currently still is, some of her favourite items.
She bears no responsibility for any breakout, acne, money spending & skin distortion of any kind.
Thank u & have a nice day.

Some info in this article as been taken off


e gal who doesnt like bear: Why u dun like bears???? Lanolin is supposed to be all natural skincare so I dunno why it has chemicals but so far my skin has no adverse reaction from it so I'll continue using it. But thanks for the tip! :) Do share more ya! Its interesting to learn more everyday.

miffy: I love it lor!!! Pink so cuteeeeee rite. :p Yeah I think facial salons that use Derma have an image to protect, but then again depends on the person also la! Haha! Heng suay one u noe!!! Keke.

Elena: No lor Jungle Boy everyday disturb me not funny lor... wat so envy... har har har.. :( Jia you for ur career alrite! I wish u all the best and I know u can do it. Cheers.

Fan: I look young?? Hee hee thank u thank u!! Hope u enjoyed ur weekend! (I was working.)

June: Thanks dear! Koh Samui was lovely but go anywhere also nice la if u enjoy the company... but shhh dun tell him that else he will ask me go East Coast Park camping.

Sally: Thank u sweets!

Berlinda: Thank u too!! :)

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Think he stopped coz he was so lazy.
N btw er this is my blog leh! :( :( :(

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Renzze: Of coz I recognise u sweetheart!! I know u're frends with Clara and we are from LD n CC ya! :D :D If I werent so rushed I would have tagged along shopping with u gals!!! We all seem to like same things.. *cough cough* bags n shoes bags n shoes!!*wink*****

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CS: My hair extensions felt and looked really natural! But I took them all out becoz it was really heavy and difficult for me when I work. No, I didnt lose alot of hair but then again I only had it on for a mth plus and my hair's really the thick n tough kind. I guess if u have weak and fine hair then its more prone to breakage? All in all, I'll do it again! But ard 3 mths is the max for such things. (Nail, eyelash extensions etc.)

All tags replied! :) Have a greaaaaat day everyone!
Ok I really gtg now bery hungreee leh.

A short post from Jungle Boy specially for tagger "LBT's Fab."
Hope it cures ur withdrawal symptoms alittle.

Compliment Of Lady Luck And Mother Nature by Lim Buey Tor
Tuesday, December 2, 2008 at 12:21pm

Elaine’s birthday celebration got off with a ‘terrible’ start. When we received news that many parts of our holiday destination were flooded due to days of heavy rain, eight hours before our scheduled departure time. And subsequently found out that our flight got delayed for six hours after we’ve checked in.

Elaine mentally prepared herself to stay in our hotel for the whole four days three nights – No. Wait. Compliment of flight delay, it’s now three days two nights – by contemplating what spa treatments she shall have for three days two nights.

When we finally arrive at our holiday destination, it was five freaking a.m. in the morning. The last thing on our minds was weather and its forecast. Rain or shine, we don’t care. At that point of time, a bed for us to sleep in is worth more than a balcony view of big green waves smashing into the rocks and exploding in a shower of crystalline white, whip by the wind into a swirling ethereal moment when nature’s savagery and power combine in an instant of shrieking glory.

Guess what. We did wake up to big green waves smashing into the rocks and no rain. Lady luck is on our side, together with Mother Nature, they created the perfect holiday weather for our entire three days two nights stay.

We took full advantage of the good weather, by spending bulk of our time out of our hotel room, going places - feed the sea turtle, get up close and personal with Sarah the Tiger, swing from tree to tree like Tarzan and Jane, go around town in a motorbike like Andy Lau pillion ride his chio bu in his hit movies, swim in the pool, canoe around the bay, and shop the night markets – you name it, we done it.

We even find time to travel forty-five minutes (one way) on motorbike scooter from our hotel to a restaurant so that we can have dinner by the pier. Romantic? Not when we were made to sit facing the high monsoon wind, feed on weird tasting seafood, over-looking a - can collapse any moment - pier. A reality not reflected on that restaurant’s print advertisement.

Perhaps it’s God’s way of telling us: ‘you not high class people, so don’t act high class, okie’. We always seem to enjoy ourselves more, eating at the road side stores, than dining in exclusive restaurants. Maybe one day we will be high class enough to acquire a taste for exclusive dining, but at the rate that we’re going, I’m afraid that the day will probably never come.

Until then, road side stores are our bistro and coffee shops are our restaurant. More so when the first day of the new month started off with a few new records that underscored the goings-on in the world economy. And commodities followed the renewed stock sell-offs with their own pre-holiday clearance sale.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of facebook. The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, neither facebook nor the author can guarantee such accuracy. This article is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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