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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello everyone!
Im dead beat having out doing nails today, having coffee, watching plays two days in a row, shopping, shopping and then some more shopping!

Ok recession struck me today, - but more on that later.

Been kinda busy with work after such a wonderful time during leave, and meeting friends up for a quick catch up in the afternoons when everyone's free.

Impromptu meetups included too, like when I saw my sweetest Clara n pretty Renzze in Miu Miu today!

Aiyooo these two tai-tais can really shop!
I was so outta breath trying to run all over Orchard getting my shopping done and then trying to be on time to meet Jungle Boy but the two lovely ladies look effortlessly impeccable and were literally strolling along in Paragon.
When I grow up I want to be just like them.

Pictures from recent work trips.

Its been some time since I've been there and I've always liked the place, with its grand hotels, juicy steaks and fresh seafood.
Fish & Co was an idea originally from here, actually heehe.

We had to have some whenever we are there.

I remembered a line written at the bottom of the menu and its went something like this, "Banks dun accept Fish, so Fish dun accepts cheques!"
So cute n how original.. I likey.

Then it was back in Singapore for some time alone with Jungle Boy and running errands.

We watched Snow White by W!ldrice at the National Library last night and as usual, Sebastian Tan did an excellent job as the wicked stepmother.
The Singapore production had its twists and turns with little amusing bits like making fun of the govt, having an ah kua dwarf, magic mirror quite sarcastic etc.

It was a delightful little play with a Singaporean touch and we were kept smiling throughout the show.
Jungle Boy n me would usually try to catch as many plays as we can becoz I strongly believe that we have an amazing pool of talent in Singapore and that our local productions can be as interesting, if not,- better than foreign plays.

I woke up bright and early for my nail session and a quickie inbetween with my favourite people at Wheelock.
Coffee today leads from one thing to another and right there and then we made plans next week for a BBQ!
Im so excited, I love food!

Then it was a last-min decision by the Boyfriend to book tickets to 'The Office Party' at the Singapore Repertory Theatre today.

Picture “The Office” meets “Love Actually” and you know you will be in for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, love and tears in this comedy written by John Godber which leads seven diverse characters through the minefield of office politics, petty differences, sexual harassment and hidden desires. And that’s just another day at work!

At the advertising company Chapman and Howard, the staff have taken great pains to prepare for their traditional Christmas bash, and to ensure that they avoid any scandals similar to last year’s which resulted in a visit from the police and the Managing Director’s divorce! But when the drinks flow and the good times roll, the party lurches from one disaster to another.

Directed by Tracie Pang (ST Life! Theatre Awards 2006 & 2007 nominee for Best Director), this comic drama is the perfect antidote to lift up your spirits and spread some good Christmas cheer. This is one play you must catch with your colleagues and friends!

It was just as enjoyable a show as the previous night, although they were both very differently themed.
The Office Party was closer to my heart I guess, with its funny rebuttals and crude language, haha.
The first half kept me very entertained, although the latter parts of the show got slightly spacey for me becoz we both felt that the show was trying to be too ambitious by exploring too many themes and topics.
However, all the actors were exceptionally accomplished in their own right and did extremely well in their individual roles.
The storyline was realistic and almost anyone who works in an office could attest to the similarity of characters protrayed in the play.
It was great fun, tonight.

But most importantly of all, I enjoyed being with Jungle Boy.

Have fun during the weekend, all.
God bless.



Burst the purse with some shoe-shopping at Chanel.
Last pair in 36 and half.. nude somemore!

See.. I told u, Fate has its funny ways.
(Read previous month entry)

For those who follow my blog, I started the year with a pair of Cs n ended the year with another.
I am truly *blessed.

Alrighty, off to read my new book "Invisible Trades II" by Gerrie Lim.
Sometimes I like to indulge in local stories too, not everything is about me is shopping shopping la!

Til then,
You know u love me.

Shoe gal.

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