busy day

Friday, January 23, 2009

Off to run some errands in town then having a quick round of shopping before dropping by Jungle Boy's office!
Going to church tonight first then having a supper date with Jungle Boy.

Yesterday, while spring cleaning the room, I found a crushed note in one of my bags.
An old love note from Jungle Boy from eons ago.

He wrote, " Can I date u out tonight? Dinner at Akashi then to the movie 881 u so want to watch."

How sweet.

He came home later that night & I told him all about it.

Me: "Darling u see u last time so sweet."
Jungle Boy: *reads the note* "Now recession u noe, cannot afford Akashi anymore."
Me: "!@#$%^^"

Perils of a Jungle relationship.

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