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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going off tomorrow and yes.. I got sidetracked (instead of packing my bag) with a trip to the mall with Jungle Boy and we bought lotsa food there!
I love the festive feeling with cheery chinese new year songs going 'Ti to long tong chiang dong chiang...' blasting in every shopping centre in Singapore.
Quite fun to listen, albeit for awhile, lar.

So now my bedroom is a mess of food, clothes and things I have to pack into my new big big cargo bag!
Very excited becoz I lurve all kinds of bags!
(Yes.. even luggage bags)

I chose a champagne gold colour coz it looks quite luxurious, yet this brand is pretty sturdy & lightweight.

Rimowa Four-wheeler Luggage Bag

Jungle Boy likes the colour but he's alittle worried about it being flimsy.

Him: "Later all ur thing drop out."
Me: "Why? U scare all my chanel & LV drop out izzit..? Then u buy somemore for me lor."
Him: *quickly walks away*

I realised thats the only thing to say to get him off my back.
Works like a charm.. every single time!

Ok guys.. off to watch Miami Ink, my ultimate favourite tattooed men on tv!


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