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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another blog post in a day!

Back from lunch with my chummies and dear friend brought her 4 month old baby along.
Yue En is the cutest today, I even caught her yawning!

Then as if to tell Aunt Elaine she can do much better, Baby went ahead to sneeze right infront front of me!
Absolute cuteness overload.. I do lurve my friends' babies!

WhiteDog Cafe

However.. I think I should start from the very beginning ya?

I flew to Jakarta, Indonesia for a short trip the week before and it was my first time to the city where I literally thought I had died and gone to Birkin heaven!

I think its BECOZ it was seemingly the only bag Indonesian tai tais covet and well, if they can afford 10 maids there, whats a mere bag to them?

I swear I saw Birkins in all sizes and colours.. and the Bag Fanatic in me had to very much stop herself from snatching all of them!
I think I even saw a very rare pink 35 in ostrich.

Did I faint?
Yes, I think I blacked out alittle.

Did I run up to any one of them to tell them that when I grow up I just want to be like them?

Not really coz they all looked so damn polished and immaculate, I didnt want to risk the police sending me to a mental hospital in Indonesia.
So tak glam, right!

My Room

We took a cab to the Mega Mall, it cost us around $10 sin dollars and it took 40 mins... in good traffic.
And it was supposed to be 'near'!

The Mall

I walked around alittle and went for lunch.
Then I had time to burn so I did the cheapest thing I can afford to do to be a tai tai for a day... (When in rome..)

Washed n blow my hair!

For the curious, I didnt tong my hair in the picture from my previous blog post.
Hehee.. I experienced the ultimate skill the Indonesian hairstylists have in blow-drying!
They took my limp wet hair and with just a round brush & hairdryer.. he twisted n curled my hair into shiny bouncy locks!
(Wendy.. U can do that for me anot one day?)

I was in awe.
I mean.. they dun even use curling tongs over there!
Painstakingly blowing my hair a section by section and it just cost me $8!
I want to live there can?

No wonder the Indonesians dun wash hair themselves.

My day passed quickly and then I was back to reality & yes.. back to washing my own hair.

Then it was a day of dinner and shopping with my besties.
I lurveee my besties to death, really.. they make me laugh so hard I can pee in my pants!
The pictures are all about Wendy becoz she's a baby when it comes to chilies.
N when she ate a teeny weeny piece of chili by mistake,- her ears turned red!

Hahahahah we had fun so much laughing at her.. BAD FRIENDS hor!

Us at Xian De Lai, Bugis.

I'll plan another dinner, girls... we'll go for dessert to appease the poor thing this time ya!
Else later she'll *BFF us again.

Okies I got to go,sweets.
I feel alittle under the weather and I took some flu medicine so I guess I better turn in early tonight.

Looong day tomorrow with dinner & partying!
Time for me to rest, pictures of Milan and my loots next.


*BFF = Bad Friend Forever

Edited to reply tags!

Bubblegum: Hehe ya I have *BFFs... :( Alrighty I'll post a Marge Simpson hair tutorial for u soon! Hopefully this week coz Im on leave! :D

Jen: Oooooh thank u, I lurve my Rimowa too! I paid $410 for it. :)

melo: I use PICASA 3 software for my pictures coz I dun like posting them up one by one.. takes too long to load the blog sometimes!

sillyme: How true! But I got so used to this name.. N I dunno what else to call myself? :(

Fan: Recession u noe!! LOL omg I have to stop buying shoes & bags soon! But thank u for reading too, I appreciate it. ;)

DN: Nope.. wasnt around in town on Tuesday. :)

Qi: Actually my eyes aint big! Haha.. I think my false lashes have plenty to do with it.. heh!

polarie: I tell u.... my life is not happening when my next bill comes lor! Wahahahhaha :P

ping: Thank u! Wendy cut my hair, but it was styled in Jakarta. :)

Cupcake: Thank u babe! I will try my utmost to blog more.. I hope! Take care n I love ur name! Keke!

hello: Hehe I think u would knoe the answer by now babe! ;D

lingz: Thank u n yes I got it from Blogskins.. author Stephanie.

bikegal81: Will post them up next! Hahahhahah n yessssss its all mine!!! :D :D
(P.S Jungle Boy disown me already... keke!)

Bye guys!
Will be back soon! :)

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