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Friday, January 23, 2009

I am still sick.

Its terrible nursing a flu and having a gizillion things to do!
But Im glad that amidst the maddening crowd in Orchard, I managed to get some clothes for CNY!
And yes, I had to shove, push and elbow my way thru just to pay!

Who say recession ah?
Those people should just go Orchard.

I bought this for Jungle Boy.

But I got it in short sleeve.

Talking about being sick, I think I caught the flu in Milan becoz it was way too cold and its all becoz I was shopping the whole day!

Jungle Boy keeps harping on the fact that I should'nt have gone out at all (what?? He mad is it...?) and that if I would have just stayed in the whole trip, I wouldnt be sick.

But to get the flu for Chanel?
I think its bloody worth it!

And oh ya, of coz the lovely Duomo.. picturesque as ever.
Even in winter, coz the skies were cloudy & all.

I liked my hotel too.

The Chanel boutique is about 15 mins away from the main street in Duomo so I had to walk alittle.

I remember going there last summer and it was so hot, I was sweating like a pig.
And this time, it was so darn cold I had to wear thermal underneath and wrap myself up in layers.

I dun think its fun to dress up in winter!
In fact, I pretty much hate the cold becoz I feel like a dumpling under all the jackets!

Along the way to Bag Heaven.

Walking alone along the streets of Duomo.

I had to take the tram back and it got dark pretty fast in winter.
It was pretty daunting balancing all the shopping bags and handling my sniffling nose at the same time.

Not only that, being out alone at night in a foreign country can get alittle scary at times becoz not every country is same safe as ours.
So thats why I never take Singapore for granted, I love how I can be out at night and hail a cab, or even take a midnight bus home..coz in some countries, u shouldnt even be out when the sun sets.

Anyways.. the *magnifico loots from Milan!

-Maxi Jumbo Bag in Black Caviar
-Brown Sandals

Louis Vuitton
-Mini Noe
-Small Neverfull

I am a happy girl!
And a very broke one too...

Please dun ask me how much are these, I dun really want to remember!

Bye guys, have to go back to the real life tomorrow.

Working on weekends suck, but I have a greeeat reunion dinner on Sunday to look forward to!
My parents are having dinner with Jungle parents this year so I guess we're bringing the relationship a step closer.

God bless.
Happy Chinese New Year to all!
I wish u health, wealth and happiness in the new year.


Edited to add:

Beauty Review!

Shills Foam Esthe Pack

Mediterranean islands Olive extracts is a natural anti-aging ingredient that provides the skin with elasticity and moisture. Arbutin repels yellow skin tones and melanins giving you a clean, white and watery skin!

Added with herbal Wood Grass essence and Hamamelis extract, it purfies the pores and removes dead skin. Its unique yeast formula can also soften and moisturize the skin. Just like a facial SPA with plenty of creamy bubblies giving you freshness throughout the day!

My Review:
I saw this product featured on Niu Ren Wo Zui Da once and I remembered it being very cute. Then I walked pass John Little today and I bought it!
I like how unique it is, u massage some gel on ur clean face and it gets foamy first before melting totally into ur skin.
Then u wash it off with water and it did brighten my skin alittle after one application.
My face felt smooth, and applying moisturiser was a breeze.

Cost: $ ($19.40 after discount.)


Wendy: U VERY BAD LOR! Really very BFF lor u... psst. Meet me next week ah!

sand: Heheh!

bubblegum: Alamak... I still owe u the tutorial.. :(

sillyme: Wah lau eh, tai tais dun work! But I work alot can! :( LOL!

joey: Yes yes! I agree with u.. thats why I die die oso had to try it out when I was there. :)

levine: Thank u! But sorry I dun (cant) answer any questions about work. :)

hielaine:Yes.. but the old one in the couple is HIM.. Im still young. :P

ping: To u too babe! GONG XI GONG XI! :D

Note from author:

Dear all,
Thank you for ur continual support to my little blog.. a private (not quite sometimes, I realise.) place where I pen down my favourite memories.

But to those who are new, I do appreciate it if u dun ask me anything about my job or the work that I do... else I might get into trouble becoz I am not at a liberty to divulge anything about ANY company.
(Read first archive)

And to those who like reading my nonsense, I would also appreciate it if my readers dun post my link in forums/ or any websites that might invite unwanted visitors here.
(I've been getting hits from the sammyboy forums. (???) I oso not sexy can!)

Let's make a pact, alright?

Can we keep this place a little secret please?
Else I might be forced to make this private & I really dun want to inconvenient anyone.

Thank you all very, very much.
From the bottom of this little blogger's heart.


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