2nd month of the year

Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh my god, time flies!
Is it really the second month of the year already?
I've been pottering around the house, extremely impressed with myself for organising my ten thousand pairs of shoes (I wish!) and arranging my bags neatly.

Actually, as unbeknownst a fact to many,- I am quite the neat freak.
Jungle Boy is the messy one in the relationship and there are waaaay too many occasions where I have very kindly pointed out that particular fact to him.

He calls it nagging, by the way.

I like my things neatly, be it clothes, bags or shoes.
Even my shampoo has to be in an appropriate place in my toilet, eg. Next to the conditioner.
Else I would mentally freak out alittle, place it back in its original position & things get better from there.

Sometimes I painstaking arrange my clothes in the most organised manner I could think of.
Like last year, I had all my Abercrombie clothes in one drawer until I realise that I have too many from the brand, I gave up putting it there.
Anyways,- no more A&F for me. Their prices now are so atrocious, its disgusting.

Im tired.
It was a day out with my best buddy to the cinema and then we had sago desserts before I went home for dinner.
And speaking of dinner, here's a picture from my reunion dinner from sometime back!

We had so much food left over, we were eating leftovers for a week!
My beloved parents finally got to meet Jungle parents & I'm glad to say that the evening went along extremely smoothly.

In fact, it was better than expected.
My daddy & jungle daddy spent alot of time drinking stout & talking politics, my daddy even suggested a follow-up dinner at the end of the lunar new year.
(This week.)

I cant imagine sitting thru Anwar & Mahathir any longer.
Yes, the two men talked about Malaysian politics although none of us are from there!
So cute.

Im also glad that my mummy was impressed with our room coz it is her greatest fear that I would have dirty underwear on the floor, or cockroaches in my toilet.
And no.. its not just becoz I knew she was coming over, too. Haha!
*Roll eyes at her*

The Dinner

I hope everyone received many, many ang pows!

I dun open mine until the end of Chinese New Year normally, so Im not sure if people gave less becoz of the recession.
But seriously, I think red packets are just a symbol of good luck so it doesnt really matter how much it is inside. And Im thankful to my family for collecting so many on my behalf as I was away due to work!

Although.. Im alittle bugged at my aunt who pretends to NOT give me any ang pow simply coz I wasnt present. C'mon, if my mum can give her TWO daughters, her MAID n her daughter's BOYFRIEND ang pows two years in a row,- whats a little token for me? :/

Its little wonder now how my 18 year old cousin has Chanel bags as presents.

They say rich people are the stingiest, so Im glad at how poor Jungle Boy is.
Coz he quite generous la, treat me eat abalone for our reunion dinner.

Luckily never buy chicken rice,- like how he has always threatened me.
Must go and buy 4-D, you know.

Got to go, guys.
Jungle Boy fell asleep and now I have ownership of the remote control!
(Temporarily, that is.)

Its a communist federation here when it comes to TV channels, Jungle Boy can be such a total Nazi.
Welcome to the real world of a stay-in relationship, girls.. Men would never watch the channels we watch!

Ok, bye gals!

Nail appointment tomorrow noon followed by dinner with loved ones. Then its acouple of days in Tokyo this week!

God bless, all.


Edited to add:

polarie: HAPPY NEW YR TO U BABE! Ya lor so long no tag me.. busy ar u? Busy collecting ang pows n eating pineapple tart rite! Heehee!

Fan: Thank u thank u! Bag bery nice.. but credit card bill nicer.. :( Wah! Jungle family?? I *shy* leh.. I still so young.. *blush blush* puke puke

evon: sure! I couldnt find it at the moment, but I saw it in Chanel Singapore already. :)

candy: Hi gal, I would rec bringing thermal innerwear along for the trip. U can get some good n cheap ones from places like John Little or Marks & Spencer. If u are going to such a cold country, the temp drops extremely fast as the days are short & it turns dark very soon. eg 4pm. So bring a thick coat and wear layers underneath. Like wearing a layer of thermal,then a top, cardigan then ur winter jacket. Bring a pair of gloves, a scarf, n a beanie to shield the cold from ur head & ears.
Wear boots with thick socks & jeans are better than pants in winter. Hths! :) Enjoy ur trip!

bubblegum: Jungle boy 'thinks' he is funny lor! LOL. N yes, milan is cheaper coz can claim tax. :p

wendy: Orh! I applied leave liao!

yixuan: Thank u for ur support. :) I hope that one day I wouldnt be forced to make it private too.. sigh.

thumbelinaa: OMG! I haven heard from u in a looong time babe! How r u? Hope u are fine n take care. ;D N I draw n trim my own brows so I dun know where to rec u. But I heard that Bishan #1 salon is great, n my mum & aunts go there too. Hths!

sally: Happy New Yr to u too! Gong xi gong xi!

bubblegum: Hee! Hope u liked the tutorial!

YB: Thank u very much. :)

greenleaf: That was 2007! LOL. It was about 600 plus iirc, coz it was 50% off. But sadly they dun have it anymore. Chanel shoes are rather seasonal.

Alice: They are normal clips that u can get easily at accessory shops like Sin Ma. They cost abt $2-$8. Some designs have diamonds n coloured stones & it does look quite pretty!

Fan: No la! Very easy one! U go try! Hehee! :D

Esther: Thank u so much for ur support, hee! Is great to know my tutorial helps! ;)

vannie: Thank u too babe! Im not lucky, just very blessed by God. :)

sunflower44: Thank u!I just use any old brand that I pick up from stores like Target or Walgreens when Im in the US. But hairsprays are not meant to be used excessively coz they really cause hair to be dry. I guess moderation is the key here, n always use a good shampoo. :)

xuan: Ya lor ya lor! :D

sillyme: No la where got first time?! LOL!

lala: So if my readers quote from my blog to cherrycloset got discount bo? :p Ok la, send some over I dun mind u noe!! kekekek! (kidding ah dun angry hor :D )

vain: hi babe, 2.55 are a classic designed by Coco Chanel herself. The bags are as much a legend as the founder herself, thus the fame. The other flap bags differs in compartments, size, n of coz, name. The other ones are known as Eastwest, instead.
U can to google some info, or log on to my favourite website Cozycot.com for more! The experts there might enlighten u on more info. :)

Ok.. see ya everyone!
It took me an hour just replying tags, but its such a pleasure.
Keep them coming in, guys! Its interesting interacting with all u girls! Take care & bye bye!

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