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Friday, April 17, 2009

I had a lovely japanese dinner with my mum and then we decided to pop by M1 to look at new gleaming, shiny handphones.

Then I got myself this.

I like it white.
Best of all, it was totally free upon contract renewal!
Yipeeeee.. I lurveee freebies.

Who doesnt?

Tags Replied!

wind: Thank u babe! N lets all stay young n happy too! LOL

anon: Thank u very much for ur support! :D

Reader: Thanks babe! I will continue to blog as long as I have things to write abt! :p

joc: *hug* Thank u sweets!

jj: Thanks love! But sometimes it might not be jealously.. I do need to reflect on myself too I believe. But all in all, its always a learning experience n I do take it with a pinch of salt. ;)

reen: Ooooh thank u! *hug* Help me thank ur sis n ur frends too! ;)

classy: Actually I dun put on dark eyeliner.. but I do love my lashes! ROFL. But thank u for ur kind words!

mikotang: Ah enjoy it!!! I do love Japan n I can eat eat eat like a pig there everyday coz everything tastes so good! :D
p.s Eat more then u can come back n try my detox plan. Wahahaha!

Scooby: U're so sweet! Thank u and Im taking it in my stride to say the least. ;p

missy: *hug* Thanks thanks! I is thick-skinned one u noe... :p

maggie: Maggieeeeee!!! *kisskiss* I hope u are good! N I love ur two babies! The both Ks are the cutest little things ever.. send them my love! xoxo

anon: Wah! U BERY SMART! :D

angel: Hi babe! La Mer is around $400 for a jar of 60ml. :)

vivi: Hehe! Dun make my head big big wor...

Fan: Why never try! U can always drink warm lemon water in the morning to detox too. Its safe and very worth a try. :)

sassygirl: The Oxymask is only about 50ml and I realise that I use quite abit to cover my entire face. My La Mer lasts one year with alternate usage n in careful quantities. But the Oxymask finishes quite rapidly, hence with regard to dollars VS usage, I deem it quite an expensive buy.

anon: Hehe.. u bery funny.. Ya lor.. SKII n LM is reknown leh! :p

anon: Thank u! Muacks too! :*

magmag: R u going to say some people put fake lashes oso still ugly... wahhahahahhaha! *wink*
p.s Lets meet again someday, u busy woman!

annie: Hmmm, I simply pour it into my palm. :) It doesnt contaminate the rest of the oil. Hths!

qinying: Wah lau think compared to last time I so much fatter now... :p

Former podder: LOL Thank u! But Im not bothered dun worry. Like I said, I is thick-skinned as thick-skinned can be!

megan: OMG ur back! Got eat eat eat n buy buy buy anot! Blue label got nice new bags?? N too bad my hairstylist not there.. she's quite a sweet looking gal! But Im happy u like ur haircut. Thats all it matters! :D

anon & anon: Hi! *waves to fellow B Bag fan* I only have ONE B bag *sob*.. n its known as Motorcycle Bag - I have it in white. Unfortunately I only like this design best, or the Pink City which I totally heartssss..but I find the design similar so I is too stingy to buy more.

anon: WAHAHHAHA! U sound si bey excited!! But I bought another chanel... (not 255) n I bought the Coffer, not bow bag wor..
*pai seh leh*

Linda: Hi babe! I mentioned the LANOLIN facial cream. Its from a brand called Beauteous skincare n I bought mine from New Zealand. But u should find it easily in Melbourne pharmacies or even in the airport. Just ask ur fren to ask for NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS. They have a huge array there.
p.s But dun be mistaken, it doesnt have the same ingredients as La Mer.

Okie dokie everyone, got to go catch some sleep and pack my bag.
Off to work tomorrow!
Take care all, when I come back I want to pull Jungle Boy go watch Shinjuku Incident with me!

Everybody say bery niceeeeee!

Love love.
Hugs & kisses to all.

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