Jo's 5th Birthday Party

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi people!
Hows ur weekend coming along? Mine's great with dinner at my parents, lovingly homecooked by my mum.
Sometimes even the most exorbitantly priced fine-dining in the world doesnt compare to the simple dishes from someone who loves u unconditionally.

Talking about love - it was love all over in Newton 18 where my sweet Jo celebrated... the 5th birthday!

Admittedly, it was a theme party where everyone had to dress up like kids.
Some wore diapers, some came in pigtails and we even had a ballerina!

Jo even gave away goody packs with chocolates & childhood sweets in bags!
Then the REAL 5-year old came and I found Jo's nephews so darn cute playing the zero point!

I wore overalls and wore an ice-cream necklace.

It was great fun in the middle of the April heat, overlooking a part of Orchard.
I saw some of my old classmates and I really felt young again!

Yes.. we grabbed some soft toys along with us too!
My plus one was a big pink panther actually! But Scooby Doo was quite cute also la, so I took picture with it.

My Minne Mouse babylove..
Its been like wat, 14 years since we knew each other.
I loveee her to bits, its her birthday next month and we're going to party the night away!
Cant wait.
(Though I've quit drinking, Minnie Mouse says she'll force some down my throat~ )

I can see so much better with my candy glasses!

It was too bad I had to leave early and missed the cake cutting!

But Happy Birthday Jo, may you enjoy the Big Apple and find all the happiness you truly deserve.
God bless.

Got to go guys, will be working this week - back only on the weekend.

But before I go, here's two quick and easy receipe for smooth glowing skin for both face & skin.
Best of all, these ingredients are found in ur home kitchen and u can do it anytime u wish.
All ingredients are natural but I do recommend u to try it on the back of ur wrist first incase u happen to be sensitive to a certain item.

Its recession time and Im trying to find alternative ways to make a girl feel beautiful.
Afterall, the key to looking good & feeling great doesnt actually need to cost too much!

(But my bags are ANOTHER story arh...)

I advocate a simple, healthy lifestyle fuelled by lotsa love and plenty of laughs.
Try to take things easy and if u find urself stressing out at work, at home - take some time out and do something for urself.

Read a book, do a mask and u will find ur spirits lift. :)
They cost nothing and is definitely the most effective way to be happy.


One Cup Sugar
One Cup Pure Extra Virgin or Virgin Olive Oil

-Mix well.
-Rub all over.
I put a small chair in the bathroom and I sit down n take my time to apply it all over my body, concentrating on dry areas like elbows & kneecaps.

-Rinse with water.
U may use some soap if u cant stand the icky oily feeling, but I would advise u to try to rinse it off with just water becos Olive Oil is a very natural yet moisturising agent.
It is the only oil that doesnt clog pores and allows skin to breathe.
U may even skip moisturiser after.

Some people would recommend dead sea salt, but I find it too coarse and would be unbearable if u have a cut!


One Teaspoon Sugar
One Tablespoon Honey
One Tablet Aspirin (Optional)

A twist to the Honey & Aspirin Mask, this gentle sugar scrub will brighten ur complexion and exfoliate dead skin cells.

-Mix well in palm
-Apply all over face and in circular motions, gently rub.

Wait 3 mins and rinse off.

Carry out normal skin routine but I skip my toner (which has alcohol) becoz it might be too harsh for my skin.
Instead, u may spritze some gentle rose water spray or just use an essence like SKII Facial Treatment Essence, then moisturise as per normal.

I hope u have fun and please dun blame me if ur mother cant find any more sugar in the kitchen!

Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of ur weekend!



al: I've tried the La Mer Gel, but I found it so-so for my dehydrated skin. I would only recommend it if u have combi-oily skin types. U may prefer to buy products from Departure Halls becoz u can skip paying GST.

magmag: Wahahahhahaha U damn funny la! Where the EMU animal come from ah??!

yixuan: Yes! I love my e71 coz I get to organise my schedule & I can type sms-es with both hands now! Keke.

crystal: Hi babe! Thank u for dropping by. I've done a makeup post sometime ago so maybe u would like to take a look at the detailed explanation & brands that I normally use. However, if u would just like to know what foundation I use, its CHANEL MAT LUMIERE. :)

sassygirl: U're welcome. Do feel free to ask if u would like to know more.

megan: Hi hi!!! *hug* I hope u enjoyed u trip! Got eat n eat until jeans cannot zip anot!! ROFL! Sometimes I eat so much in Japan I come back sick. :P
Ya lor they all dun speak english in the salon one... :( But I do hope u like ur hairstyle! N nooooooo la! I dun wan to show my bags!!! Hahahaha!!!

anon: Aiyo, bu yao ke qi! :D

Adeline: SKII facial wash feels alittle like Hazeline snow, creamy creamy de but I love it coz alittle goes a long way & I like its clean & simple pacckaging.

anon: CONGRATS ON TAKING THE FIRST CHANEL STEP! Welcome to the club!! Wahahahaha!
Ok, seriously now... :P I would recommend u buy the BLACK CAVIAR 255. Black is timeless and it doesnt stain (Beige does!) - Caviar is more lasting and it is more hardy. (Lambskin looks great but is prone to scratches.)
But ultimately please buy what u really like.
There is no point buying something that everyone likes but you hate. So think hard, buy fast!
Do update me!!:D

Jolene: OMG! Have it been so long?? Was it the FP gathering from eons ago??! Man.. time flies. I hope u n ur fren are doing well & God bless u!

**Edited to add:

Rachel: I loved my La Mer Eye Concentrate though I have to admit that it cost me an arm & leg. To cut costs, I alternate my high-end products with similar drugstores ones. I am also using Garnier Eye Roll-On inbetween.
But do rem, good habits does count! Aim to sleep for at least 8 hrs, avoid late night clubbing, drinking & smoking - else even the most expensive stuff in the world wouldnt help you. ;)

Thats all, girlies.. I've off to watch my ultimate favourite guilty reality pastime - Life in the Fabulous Lane by Kimora Lee Simmons!

I love her to death, she's a Model, a Mogul and best of all.. she's a Mum.


Previously a supermodel, she was muse to Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel when she was just 13 yrs old.
She grew up, retired and was once married to music legend Russell Lee.
Previously a creative director in Baby Phat, she has since taken over being CEO after Russell stepped down.

She's really hilarious, and being half Japanese African American - she has such a glamorous unique look.
Her favourite made-up word is 'Fabulosity' and she believes in living life to the fullest.
She now owns the Baby Phat empire & is also a single mum to two young girls under 10.

I find her so utterly amazing, she's such an inspiration to me.
Sometimes I wish I could be just like her.

But my life is mini-fabulous already and I cant be more grateful.
Take care everyone - and have a blessed, blessed week.

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