No more P plate!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Twoooooo more days til the removal of my driving P plate!
Yipeeee.. its been such a hell of ride, man.

From the taking of tests, to the going for lessons to the practical test day I can still remember every detail vividly.
No fun at all.

I can still recall waking up at 6am just to make it for the first lesson, I remember running in the rain to the car in Ubi, I even remember how my instructor scolded me for driving recklessly.
(Sometimes I still do I think!)

Why do they make it so difficult to get a licence in Singapore ah?
The waiting of ur BT, FT, and the booking of the test date- so bloody troublesome.

But strangely driving has given me patience, sometimes I even purposely give way to the car infront of me just to see the reaction of the driver behind.
It makes me chuckle to see grown men angry just becoz I let someone else cut in.

And I've also be given a new found respect to taxi drivers on the road, although they could be annoyingly abrupt at times, its not easy driving 12 hrs straight just to put food on the table.

I drive from the east to central and I ish pek ciat already.

God bless and to all drivers on the road, drive safe.
Take care.


Dinner & ice-cream with BFFs tonight!
One got new job so we'll be celebrating with banana spilts n cones, One got new boyfriend so wun be joining us... wahahahaha!
Guess who, dun sue!

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