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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Helloooo everyone! :)

Aiyo u gals are really the sweetest little things ever! *hug*
Thank u so much for all the lovely tags - and duncha worry, Im not at least affected by what other people say.

Coz I is thick-skinned as thick-skinned can be.

Moving on abit, here's a skincare post that I've been wanting to do like, forever.
If u have been reading, I've done one sometime ago and this is a slightly more infomative one, with additional products & some old favorites.

And its proven and tested, coz I do this everyday.. keke.

For the girls who know me, I believe you remember that Im more into skincare and great skin, than makeup and covering flaws with makeup.

Hence the emphasise on skincare and skincare routines.
I dun normally have facials coz I am obsessively paranoid that beauticians look at us like carrot-heads and they usually have only one sole ambition in mind - To make us sign package.

I cannot start to tell you how much I absolutely abhor that two words.

Going for a facial/massage/spa should be a form of relaxation.
It should be kinda like having a break away from the hustle & bustle of the city, no?

But after trying my best to attain nirvana during a treatment, the only thing I can remember is, "U WAN SIGN PACKAGE?" and leaving the salon with a very bad taste in my mouth.

Henceforth, I do my own facials and step into a facial place unless absolutely necessary.

Like, when my pores threaten to overthrow me with a blackhead coup.

When I was younger (note: how I emphasize the word younger coz I am still young, haha!) I would never touch a toner with a pole.
Maybe I hated how redundant it is, or how the ones with alcohol seem to zap me into reality by stinging my skin.

But now I realise that it is part of my skincare regime and how important it if for girls who use makeup.
But more on that later.

The start of everybody's daily routine, I believe in proper cleansing as a clean slant for ur makeup.
U may use a simple drugstore brand and for girls who dun even wear makeup, do you know that u may even use warm water to splash ur face and it is enough?

Do not wash ur face more than twice a day.
Our skin need natural oils to functon properly.

If u feel oily during the day, either splash some cold water to freshen up, or like me - I like spritzing my face with rose water as a quick pick-me-up.
It doesnt ruin my makeup and I use a piece of tissue paper to lightly blot my skin after the rose water.

Some products I like using as a facial wash are:


I also like Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wash.

Step 1: WASH

Lather up foam.
Do not put cleansing gel/lotion/soup directly to face.
Place in hand and add water, applying foam to face.

Gently lather face with foam.
Using circular movements, very gently go over eye area but strictly no rubbing.

Rinse with warm water.
(Cold water if u need a perk)

TIP: Take a face towel, submerge it in hot water and wring out excess. Put over face for 3 mins to imitate steaming process in facial procedures. It opens up ur pores, making it easier if u prefer to extract blackheads urself.

Step 2: TONER

I use this.

I have never believed how important toners are until recently when I realise that my skin is not turning-over as quickly as it did in the past.

Exfoliating does wonder for ur skin but can be harsh if done too frequently.
Using a toner is the best way to gently remove the top layer of ur skin and they finish off the cleansing process.
Some reports also say that toners ensure that ur skin is of a proper pH level for moisturisers.

U might even see the cotton pad turn a shade darker when u first start using a toner.
It will gradually turn lighter if u stick to the regime of using a toner everyday.

I use half a cotton pad for my own face to save alittle money!

Cut up cotton pads neatly in half. Usually it is sufficient for ur face.
Place toner n cotton pads in bathroom sink and use immediately after u wash ur face and when it is still damp.
(Use after hot towel and blackhead extraction to tighten pores)


LOL, ok truthfully.. this is my step n u might not agree with me.

There are usually only two camps of people, pro-SKII & anti-SKII.
And I like my SKII actually.

I also like this.

I would usually pour afew drops into the palm of my hands and pat into my face.
However, if u are using Kose Sekkisei Lotion, u may also use it as a toner.
(Refer to step 2)

This two products brightens my skin tone and improve overall glow.

TIP: Pour lotion into cotton pads and place on face as a mask as follow.


Remember, I have dehydrated skin so do test a product before u commit to it full-time.


I am trying out drugstore brands becoz most of the ingredients found in drugstore brands are similar to those of high-end ones.

And I was very interested in Garnier's eye roll-on which I'd personally thought was a brillant idea.

I found it pretty good for its price and it was easy to apply without any mess, and it also eliminated the need of dipping my fingers into jars.

However, I did not find it hydrating enough and it did not lessen my eye circles.
I also like to use my fourth finger to tap the essence under my eyes.


I have been using this for years and I dun care what others might say but I really do love my La Mer.

The trick is to rub it into the palms of ur hands and lightly pat it in.
Do not ever rub ur moisturiser in ur face.

I also like this.
The Sisley Ecological Compound is a very basic moisturiser and I love the smell.

U may lightly massage ur face every night when u apply ur moisturiser, but the trick is to do it gently.
Over-stimulation on the face may even cause more harm than good.
It is also advisable not to massage face if u have acne.

Do not forget about ur neck.


I use a special product from Clarins thrice every week to combat the dryness on my cheeks.

Its basically very concentrated oil and not for the faint-hearted coz it does make u look alittle oily but I love how my skin glows the next morning.
This is not meant to be used too often (For a weeek max) and I skip my nose when I use this.


I like my Watson's Bird Nest Masks for a quick hydrating treatment and I would usually read a magazine or a book & try to relax while I mask.

I have been using Beauty Talk OxyMask once a week and I do like the results although I find it pretty expensive.
(Around $100 @ Sasa Shops)

It starts off like a gel but as u massage it into ur skin, it would turn foamy.
Leave it on for 10 mins then rinse off.

It reveals brighter-looking skin and it does make ur skin alittle QQ after use.

Do click on it if u would like to see the product being featured on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da.

I sincerely hope u enjoyed this post!

Take care all, and remember, a happy healthy you will have happy healthy skin!

God bless.


Tags replying soon.. it took me 3 hrs to post this up and Im so darn tired now.. hee!
Bye all!
Hugs n kisses ~

Credits to SKII skin illustrations.

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