Monday, May 18, 2009

OMG Im finally back after a week without chicken rice, char kway teow & carrot cake.

Astonishingly, I concur lost some weight there due to the fact that I got so sick of the greasy American food in New York and that I had to totally survived on salad & diet coke.
Their portions are so sickeningly large that I would take a grand total of 3 mouthfuls and feel quite ill.

But never mind, I'll put all the weight back on and more now coz since Im back - I'll usually gorge on homecooked food and force Jungle Boy to raid hawker centres with me.

I lurveeee the food at kallang airport hawker centre.
We go there with the family every week and I am still finding a thousand and one different delicious food there.

So what if its smelly & hot?

I personally know of about 5 girls who told me that they would never step into a hawker centre.
Weird.. man...

Coz kway chup will never taste the same with top grade porcelain bowls, duncha think?

Hehee but well, to each its own.
I like delicious food anywhere..the cheaper the better.

Having said that, but if u give me foie gras I will still eat arh!

Jungle Boy say I dun discriminate... coz I eat EVERYTHING.

Okaaaay... must stop, coz I hungry like dunno what now talking abt food.
Gtg to dreamland, guys~

Then got energy to eat!

Must have gone kuku already, sorry!

God bless.
Take care all, I hope u have a great start to the week ahead.

Back soon!
(After my tummy gets filled..)



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