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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Before I post about my snow trip, I shall just update a teeny weeny information...

*jumps up & down wildly*

Big loves.
We were so estatic abt the news I think we started shooting sms-es to each other in the middle of the night.
Only my bff can be so zen.. while we race to find out the details.

So exciting can?
I mean.. not that I have any experience to talk about, - but being proposed to.. isnt it simply the most awesome feeling in the whole world??

Eh... no way a "U wan apply HDB?" kinda proposal here is accepted ok.

I mean, the man took an effort to make a video for my BFF n I do applaud him for that.
He might not have done the drama-mama jump off Suntec City kind of stunt, but it was his sincerity & warmth that touched us girls.


I wish them all the happiness in the world and I hope they'll be as loving as loving can be.

God bless them.


3rd May 09

It was an afternoon of shopping & dining with my other BFF, Hua.
We took a walk along the clustered shops of Bugis Village, then to the spanking new place in town, Illuma.

They were such a contrast - like black & white.
The Village was a thousand and one shops next to each other within breathing space and there were so many people there I was literally shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.

Then it was the big blank spaces at the mall where there were more empty shops then the people idly around the huge area.
Maybe Tampines 1 could use all the space from Illuma.

But at least we found a rather decent Benten on the ground floor to have a nice, inexpensive meal.

I particulary liked their beef hamburg with cheese, and service was excellent from their manager, though the trainee waitress was alittle abrupt in clearing our table.
Usually u clear dishes but if someone's not done with their drink.. u would have left it alone, no?

But Hua's macha frappe (or something fancy-named) was gone before u could say.. David Copperfield.


All dishes & drinks gone and we were just sitting on an empty dirty table waiting for the bill.

Luckily never take my iced water, else I ke-chang her.

But all in all, it was a rather pleasant experience and everyone was pretty polite.

Ok, really got to go watch the lovely King & I on Okto now.
I lurveeee old movies.. they are so darn romantic and all the costumes look so intricate.

Bye bye all!
Off to do my toey toes tomorrow with Hua again.


p.s Need to lose weight.. need to lose weight..
p.p.s Better stop eating.. better stop eating..

Edited to add:

sally: Hi gal! I spent around S$150 on clothes only (1 day ah..) - they are not too expensive there esp their tops. But I think I spent more money eating. :D
p.s this blue top in this post cost me ard S$12-14 only.

S: Hahahhaha! OMG... u bao toe TRADE SECRET! Kekekekkeke! But I have to agree with u how lovely the skin feels after DIY spa treatment.. in galley! :p :p

magmag: ROFL! Yeshhhhh I know what an emu is.. I was wondering as a figure of speech where the reference came from while talking abt lashes! Ok ok now I understand why u used that particular animal.. n yes.. emu lashes si bei long.. camel oso! :D

anon: U are so sweet to jolene! :) n yes... rainedew is also a bery pretty n darling sweet gal. :)

chewie: Hi! I had 3 nights there, but I spent only one day in the alps. I would encourage u to take a day tour, they usually start at 10am & end by 6pm. So after that u can even do dinner n have some wine n people watch.
I'll do a Zurich post soon, promise k! :)

Fan: Thank u babe! :* N yes.. I'll blog abt some more soon! But I'd usually try them out myself first.. tats why I might take some time before I go ahead & post them up. Heehe!

Bye all!
~Love is in the air.~

Give ur special someone a kiss, will u?

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