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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Helloooo everyone!

Im halfway across the world in New York City right now, and can u believe I wasted one whole day sleeping??

Yes.. I actually slept for about 28 hours straight, minus the hour I spent skype-ing Jungle Boy.
Unbelievable I know.

Thus I am now known as the Idiot who Slept in New York.
While everyone is shopping, sight-seeing, Liberty-watching.. yes.. I was sleeping.

And if that is not bad enough, its 430 AM now I cant sleep.
Like.. duh!

But this baby Im blogging on is such a mean piece of white cutie.. my mood is alittle better looking at it la.

Taaaa dah.. presenting my new Lenovo S10!

White.. its white to match my Nokia E71 mah.

Its small n cheap (for a laptop).. I likeee!
I paid $760 total, with extended warranty (3yrs) er, becoz I is totally chor lor.
(Anyone heard abt my DVD player story..?)

I contemplated on getting one like, since forever ok?
Am so afraid of playing with it for 5 mins and dumping it aside.. then Jungle Boy sure nag at me one.

But so far so good, its working fast, working fine and looks totally awesome.
I was looking at acouple other designs but this one's pretty light n basic so I got it.
Except that the laptop fan's kinda annoying and its like having someone breathe really loudly next to u and u cant do anything abt it.

Jungle Boy spent one night downloading n updating stuff while I slept.
Ahhhh... bliss of having a boyfriend SOMETIMES.

The other times are spent irritating the hell outta me and laughing about it.
Yesterday, we skyped and he turned the webcam to face the TV and then he turned on SCV's Ch 55.

Ok, got to go now!
I absolutely love watching old re-runs of sitcoms like I Love Lucy & The Golden Girls here in New York!

Reminds me of my childhood where I was glued to the TV every weekday afternoon watching american sitcoms.

No wonder my mother say I always never study.

Rem The Addams family anyone?

Take care, off to 5th Ave & Times Square for some shopping later I swear, else I'll just kill myself.
Need a good cuppa coffee but trust me, coffee in the States weirdly sucks.
I want my Ya Kun.

God bless all!


Edited to add:

Crystal: Thanks babe! I use this brand called Ardell and u can get it easily from any Watson's store in Singapore. I use their Dark Eye Glue too and its waterproof n easily the best I've ever used. Hths! :)

Berlinda and Piggy: Hi babes! I really rec the La Mer Eye Concentrate but at nearly 250 a pop, its fairly expensive. So I use a reasonably priced drugstore one inbetween to prolong usage. :p

junkies: I know! There are so many out in the market my eyes go goggly. But I like wispy ones which look really natural (I apply mascara to them) and dramatic ones for night. But duncha worry! The real fun is to try them ALL! Have fun! :D

Piggy: See above. :)

magmag: Kekeke! P.s Come online msn leh!

yixuan: OMG! Isnt Taipei the best??? XMD has soooo many things lor! Did u come back with ten bags or something?? :p

Fan: Wah lau eh! Aaron Kwok gf sibey chio can??? wahhahaha think all my frends will roll eyes if I compare myself to her! But thanks u soooo sweet. Hope u like the DIY mask! I love it!

Evil-Lin: I do like SKII products and Chanel too! maybe u could get their eye products from these two counters for ur gf? But wat is ur budget? Do let me know n I can rec something specific. :)

chewie: No prob gal! :D The tour I was with is called Gray Line. This is their webpage with a list of their day tours n contacts! Hope u like it! Do enjoy ur trip! Grayline Tours

Aisite: Yes gal!U can get plain yogurt at any NTUC or supermarket. :)

Miyublurz: OMG!!!! Did u mean the souvenir shop there?? Then yes its me!! :*

anon: U may get La Mer products from CK Tangs or DFS. :)

anon: Thank u! But I is no money buy Cartier.. :( LOL. Its a brand my fren brought in, called PRIMO. u may find it at Lucky Plaza Level 2. :D
p.s its cheap n good!

Okies.. bye all.. off to msn-ing my BFF Miko in singapore!
Think she eating snake to talk to me. Wakakakkaka!
Love love from new york.

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