On wagyu and pancakes

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hi everyone!

I need to quickly post these pictures, else I would forget about them becoz I have an upcoming birthday party to go to this Friday and then Im pretty sure I would take a million pictures there.

The Point Restaurant
The Point Albert Park
Aquatic Drive
Albert Park Lake
Phone: 03 9682 5566

Lunch 12pm - 3pm and Dinner until late 7 days a week

Dining day or night, the view from The Point Restaurant is one of the best Melbourne has to offer. The space is stylish and modern, combining award winning cuisine by Bocuse d’or competitor, Executive Chef Scott Pickett and an impressive wine list. The Point showcases Australia’s finest beef from Victoria, Cape Grim Tasmania and the Clare Valley South Australia, delivering our guests with a contemporary approach to classic dishes.

Last weekend was spent in Melbourne where I had the delightful (albeit, abit irritating coz they always make fun of me.) company of my lovely friends at a steak restaurant as famous for its steak as for its view.

I wore a simple white & black combo.

Sometimes I thank God for my generous friends.

I found the food to be pretty good, but the prices were too exorbitant though.
The view was great, although it was too dark to admire it.
But my friends tell me that going at lunchtime would be just perfect to gaze at the lake opposite the restarant.

Chian who is doing his masters in Melbourne.
We've been friends forever, and he has recently married a great girl so I do wish him the best, and I cant wait for him to be back.

Top Left to Right:
Warm yummy bread.. our amuse bouche, my medium rare wagyu beef and delicious honey carrots.

The place has a modern uptempo feel, and it was crowded so reservations recommended please.

Philip is there for a holiday and the boys went to a vineyard to stay!
How cool! Waking up to wine sounds like a great idea.
Hmmph.. I wish I was there too coz I alcoholic* like them too.

The handsome boys.
P.s Philip still single!

After a great dinner and finishing a bottle of wine, we headed for the city.

Driving along Chinatown.. it made me miss Jungle Boy very much!
Melbourne has always been a very special place to us becoz that was where we came for our first holiday together.

Playing with a magic mirror!

Something closer to my heart.. PANCAKES N ICE CREAM!

They bery irritating rite..

And I just wanted to take a picture of the giant clock on the wall but someone had to pose for me.. -_-

After laughing and laughing and filling up with vanilla ice-cream.. we headed home soon as Philip and me were leaving the next morning.

"Happiness is time spent with a friend and looking foward to sharing time with them again."
- Lee Wilkinson

Absolutely a great end to the weekend with many more to come, I hope!

Bye all, take care.
God bless.


I ish happy to see food!

Edited to add:

yixuan: Wahahahhahah U champion can! U brought 3 baggages already bery li hai liao wor!!!

anon: LOL! Yes and I often wonder if its the water that makes the coffee taste weird?

Kathy: Actually Jungle Boy is President of Singapore TOILET ASSOCIATION wor.. *wink*

miyublurz: Hehe still can call me wor.. coz I not shy one.. whahahhaha :P

Evil-Lin: Sure! Lemme have ur email address.. :)

Fan: Thank u bery much! *paiseh* :) My very first 'branded' bag that I paid myself was something I bought with my part-time job after school. I think it was a $400 dollar Gucci bag or something. Though in school my parents bought me Chantal Thomass n Sonia Rykiel bags.. hahahha! So long ago!!

Rachel: Yes I've tried Chanel before, though I personally prefer SKII.

anon: OMG yes I agree with u! :P But then again I do like my bags n will continue to buy as long as I can afford them (once in awhile).. n that includes having enough money to save for a rainy day too! hehehehe.

polarie: I miss u too! Why so long nv tag wor! :(

anon: Please do not envy me.. Im as normal as normal can be as any girl in Singapore is. :)

trishaaaa: Yes! Mid range accessories are a great way to look pretty too. No need to spend so much. :D

Fan: Thank u! But sometimes he bery irritating.. haiz. :p

Mis: Nope.. nothing underneath my hair! Not even spray. :)

Ok bye all!
I look at food and Im hungry again... grr.

Dinner time soon n Jungle Boy coming back from work already.. yay!
Much loves.. bye!

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