Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playing with the new camera! :D

Off to lunch tml with bestie in the afternoon, then a long anticipated gathering with the BFFs at night.
Not before meeting Jungle Boy after lunch, he also keh keh want to eat snake one I know.

We're off to Phuket next week! Weee.. I need a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy city life and there is nothing else in the world that can relax me by spending time with the boyfriend.

Bye all, take care.
God bless.


Edited to add:


Cherry: U are very observant! Yes... my hair is not rebonded! But its naturally kinda straight, thou alittle wavy on the inside. Blowing my hair makes its manageable, but if I air dry it, -it goes alittle mad. :p
I like using DOVE shampoo too, its cheap n good!

Miss J: Thank u babe! But I've stopped buying so many bags already.. recession u noe! :p

ber: My watch is from Lucky Plaza. Its called Primo. Cheap n good! :)

missy: Is it?? My Clinique sunblock is tinted, so its like a tinted moisturiser. N nope, no white cast. But sometimes it oxidises when the weather is very humid! But all in all I find it great for daily use. Heee.

junni: Yes babe! Heehee on sale at DIVA, ard $6.90 I think! Great buy! :D

Fan: Go to DIVA now!! They have sooooo many bangles of all different colours! Prices range from $10-$29.

missy: Hehee no loveeeee leh! Everytime I ask Jungle Boy who love me..? Then he always say NOBODY!! :( sob.. keke.

anon: Thank you babe! But its one of the rare times I apply eyeshadow when i go out! My god Im such a laaaaazy person n I hate having too much on my face coz I tend to look like a ah-gua. :P

vera: I have absolutely no idea where she curled her hair! Hahhaa! But I think its such a lovely look. I heart her hair so much. :D Will ask her for u k? :D

anon: I went to a bery naughty convent! Just look at my crazy frends! :p

bubblegum: Thank u soooo much!! My frends love beef, so I'll get them to try it with me the next time Im there! Thank u thank u! Muack!!!

chewie: OMG Im soooo happy to hear tat babe! Zurich wasssss so beautiful rite??? I went to lucerne too! But I forgot to post the pics. Haha! Did u see the swans at the lake in lucerne?? So beautiful!!! *hug*

bernice: Sure babe, u let me know ur email add then I email u, ok? :D

shihua: Orbiiiiii ur head.... see u tml! hahahahaha

Jo: Big hug! See ya soon with the rest... love love!

Ok bye good people, been reading books lately and its fantastic losing myself in the world of dragons and phoenixes thru the eyes of The Last Empress Cixi.

Simply amazing I tell u.
I'll devour half the book and then sit back and dream about living in the olden ages where girls bind their feet and women cannot talk back to men.

Think I'll die sooner if I cannot answer Jungle Boy everytime he talks rubbish to me.
No wonder the women all end up killing each other in the palace, too much suppressed anger.

Take care everyone!

Jungle Boy took this when we went for drinks with my parents after dinner tonite. :)

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