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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi guys!
Im sorry but I have been so busy running around these days..hee!

I had a great time with Jungle Boy last night, being date night n all.
We spent some time shopping n having dinner at Manpuku in Tampines.
But I'm never going back there again coz the food is definately too little for the sky-high prices they charge.

I thought we ordered so much food but when the dishes came, the quantity was so little I was pretty much pissed.

After eating, Jungle Boy looked at me and said," Hmmm...U need to eat supper later confirm."
I think its hilarious how much he knows I can eat.

Btw, I bought my baby a new toy!

Nikon D60

Its a rather reasonably priced camera for a SLR novice, and Jungle Boy wants one to take nice pictures.
(Of his gf I hopeeee!)

I could buy a nice pair of shoes for the price, but looking how happy he is totally priceless.

Back to eating bread lor... wat to do.

Take care everyone, I'll blog again tml k?

God bless.


p.s Tml is love!
I'll keep it a secret first.

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