Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love peanut butter sandwiches!

Sometimes I wake up pretty late due to timezones so I do enjoy making a simple sandwich with a nice cuppa tea to ward off hunger pangs.

How do one go on the Atkins diet I often wonder?
I know I cant coz I love my carbs too much to refuse it just for the sake of looking good.

Sigh.. Im quite a glutton I suppose.
Was out with colleagues to Bayswater in London for delicious duck rice and I had 2 servings!

Aiyoo how to dieeeet when I have my BFF wedding to attend soon?

Jungle Boy say I got worm in my tummy coz I forever hungry.

Talking abt him.. he's not back yet!
And yes.. Im hungry. (again.)

Okie dokie, overdue pics from EVERYWHERE!


The weather was lovely! Look at the sky.

Then it was room service in Moscow, Russia.
I heart Borsch soup. The Caesar salad was thumbs up too!

A short trip to Indonesia.

Got to run, going out for dinner soon!

Tomorrow I go phuket u noooooooe? :p
Such a long awaited break for the two of us finally. Think the last time we went overseas was last year on my birthday!

I hope this is a great start for the second half of the year.. and I hope u have a good weekend too!

Love all.
God bless.


Lemming for HK serials now!
OMG Im such a tv addict!

I really like the theme song of The Ultimatum on Ch8!
Nice nice.

Feng Shui Tips for a Quick n Easy Way to Feel Good!

If u even feel lethargic and restless when u are at home or in ur bedroom, maybe u should start clearing clutter and start feeling better!
U will find that u will soon feel lighter and ur energy will increase.

I know not everyone will have the time to spring clean everyday so start small and gradually clear the mess.
So I suggest u start at one stop at a time, eg toilet.

Take a disposal bag the size of a NTUC plastic bag and aim to fill it up by the end of cleanup.
This might only take half an hour or so.

Using a damp cloth, wipe n clear drawers, cupboards of clutter whenever u have alittle more time to spare.

Clutter is very 'poisonous' in fengshui terms as it represents negative energy.
Therefore we should always try to clear clutter away and throw anything like waste papers, receipts, used tissue or anything broken away.

If u put some time into clearing ur bedroom or even ur office desk, u will feel energised and ur mood will pick up.

The key to looking good is to feel great!
Take care all, tags to be replied soon.

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