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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It doesnt matter if Jungle Boy is 'too good' for me, or if Im too 'lowly' for him.
We do like each other (pretty much..!) and that's all it matters.

And thank u for telling me that he is great, coz I know that too!
But dun tell him coz later his head get big big u noeeee... :p

And yes.. u all are absolutely correct in saying that I have no class.
Coz I dun.

Im quite tomboyish (sibey chor lor) and I fart alot.
Not only that, I love eating out at hawker centres and burping after a hearty meal.

I dun fine-dine, dun drink champagne (I like beer) nor do I buy branded bags (anymore!). So ya lor I have no class.

But what to do, life goes on.

Sorry if I offended anyone with my ah bu neh neh remark, should have told everyone that was MY nickname all along.

Aiyo but I will remove if it causes sleepless nights.. coz beauty sleep is very important for us girls! Dun lose sleep over what I post k? Not worth looking like panda.

Take care all!
God bless.


I'll post the Phuket Part 3 up soon!
I got so many pictures and I need to resize it coz my photohost cant manage, hence the delay! Sorry! :(

The only thing I wanted to do is to share my joy of my new car, like anybody else in the world.
But to suffer from backlash is incredible.

Am I surprised? - Yes I am, coz to me its such a small thing, coz so many couples around me have cars.
Am I angry? - Nope. But I do think that I should keep certain good news to myself from now onwards if it makes other people happier.

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