Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greetings from New York City, lovely ones!

Been so caught up with sleeping off my jetlag and walking the streets of 5th Ave trying to strike items off my shopping list entrusted to me from friends and loved ones.
I got so carried away I nearly forgot to shop for myself!

But never mind, shall make a trip down to 31st tomorrow where the big big Forever21 store is.. my absolute love!
And then to Coach again for BFF.. coz her item is OOS everywhere so maybe the ulu pandan one at Macy's might still carry it.
Keeping fingers crossed.

And did I mention I got a pair of blue fabric slingback Louboutins at half-off in Bergdorf Goodman??
Oh my god I haven been so excited since.. like, forever!

Its been so bloody long since I got anything from the fabulous shoemaker and this is coz it was going at half-price!
Nearly fainted in the department store, swear.

I've been wearing slippers for so long I better stop else I will have to learn how to walk in heels all over again.

Been re-watching my favourite Korean (besides Full House) show again and I am really craving for some Bibimbap.

My Husband's Woman

Kim Ji-soo and Hong Joon-pyo are married and already have a son, Kyung-min.
Ji-soo is friends with Lee Hwa-young. However, she didn't know at first that her husband Joon-pyo is having an affair with Hwa-young.
It was only discovered by Ji-soo's sister Eun-soo, when Hwa-young and Joon-pyo had a kissing scene in the kitchen while everyone was outside in a barbecue party.
Eun-soo told the two to keep the affair secret, for she was afraid her frail sister will die once she gets wind of the affair.
After Eun-soo threatens to beat Hwa-young up again, Hwa-young decides to tell Ji-soo about "her love for her husband who loved her in return."

I really think every girl should watch this show!
Its not the typical Korean drama, - it has illicit love affairs and fierce Korean women in it.. haha!
No doubt it was the highest rating show there in 2007.

Okies girls, back to watching my show.
Take care all.
I'll be back soon!

God bless.


p.s To Fan and every pretty gal here.
Look out for exciting new link ups with blogshops soon!

Was at church last week and Jungle Boy took a picture of my little friend Joel.
Sooooo cute!
I oso dunno why the 3 yr old was hanging on to his leg!

I love kids.. they are so smart sometimes I am utterly amazed.
Truly, they are such blessings and I wish for every kid to be happy little ones showered with love by all.

Questions and Answer Section:

Q: Hi Elaine! What camera are u using?
A: Some of the high quality pictures are taken by Jungle Boy and he is using a Nikon D60. The rest of the pics are by my trusty Sony cybershot.

Q: How long have u and Jungle Boy been dating?
A: Hahaa.. we are going on to 3yrs soon but looking at a lifetime together, hopefully! :)

Q: What is ur favourite destination?
A: I love the States for the plenty of shopping here and the people are so liberal and generous with their compliments! U can walk on the street and a total stranger might go "I love ur hair!" or "Ur top is gorgeous!" out of the blue. Its such a sweet thing to do and a great way to perk someone up.

I am also deeply in love with historical European buildings with so much character and grace. And of coz Im such a sucker for the shopping there becoz I find the women in europe exceptionally effortlessly chic by nature. Paris and Milan are my absolute favourite places in Europe.

I like going Asian countries esp Taiwan, HK and Korean for beauty buys and clothing stops becoz size is not a problem and I love all kinds of street food in those places.

Japan is a place for everything (eating shopping and sightseeing) and I really wonder if there is anyone who doesnt like going there! Heehe!

But for personal holidays, Jungle Boy and me frequent resort places to chill out and enjoy the tranquility.
We like private villas but there are many places that cater to each need and budget.
Bintan, Koh Samui and Phuket are recent places that we have been to and enjoyed immersely.
We look forward to going to the Maldives one day but with Jungle Boy's workload, it was pretty difficult to go for another holiday esp when we had just came back from a recent getaway.

But we love holidays (who doesnt?) and will not hesitant to go somewhere if we get the chance.

Q: Is the cle de peau concealer really good?
A: I like it becoz its creamy and doesnt settle in my fine lines around my eyes.
But the price is a huge deterrent and not everyone is willing to pay for something so small.
Before this I was using Covermark and I felt that it was pretty good but a tad dry for my skin.

Q: What foundation are u using?
A: I have been using chanel for a long time but recently I bought a makeup base from Cle de peau. It can be used with or without foundation and I shall do a review on it soon.
My usual makeup steps are concealer and application of foundation on parts of my face that I need the most, namely nose and forehead.
I apply a light dusting of loose powder ( Laura Mercier and Anna Sui) over the face concentrating on the nose to reduce shine.

Q: How much is ur white watch?
A: Its $99, from a shop called EuroTime in Lucky Plaza #02-01.

Q: Did u perm ur hair?
A: Hahaha.. no I didnt perm my hair! Although I was contemplating on doing it!
But I usually go for a blow when I can spare the time in Singapore. I do it at Jean Yip in Parkway or this dingy little shop in Lucky plaza so obscure tat I cant even remember the salon's name.
They cost typically from $25-$30 depending on hair length and are painstakingly blown using hairbrush and hairdryer. No tongs involved.
I feel like perming my hair but am hesitant coz Im a scaredy cat!
Anyone with niceeee place to intro or recommend me? Thank u!

Q: Elaine, what car did u get?
A: Sorry but Im not going to tell after all the furore that I went through previously.
I am sadden that people will have something to say regardless what car I got and this is a happy place so I am trying to avoid any negativity.

Regardless what car I am driving, I am still the same person inside n out. :)
All I can say that its a small car for a small cute girl like me. *puke n die*
Heheheh! :P

Q: Where did u get the frilly cream top with rose?
A: I got it from a shop in Century Sq acouple of months back and Im not sure if they still have it. But I saw similar ones at Bugis Junction before. Hths!

Q: What shampoo do you use?
A: I use DOVE shampoos becoz they work great for my dry hair and its so affordable too!
I love the smell coz I grew up using dove soaps and does anybody rem their old ads where they used yellow litmus paper on their bar of soap..? Keke!
I dun buy or use salon brands as I find them expensive and not neccessarily the best too.

Q: Elaine.. what does BFF mean?
A: Omg, my BFF n me had a great laugh over the term coz to everyone else its normally "Best Friends Forever" but to us, - being weird people (I mean me) we actually coined the term while making fun of each other.

Im so blessed to have a close knit group of galfriends with the same wacky sense of humour and corny-ness that I so unfortunately possess.
To me, they are the ones that keep me grounded and will not hesitant to poke fun of me, fake lashes and all.
Through them I realise that boyfriends come and go while friends really do stay together.
But seriously the answer to ur question is.. "Bad Friends Forever"..!

Dear all, I hope I did answer some of ur queries here and like I've said it before and I'll say it again.. please do not hesitant to ask me again if I have accidentally left anyone out.

And yes.. yoga partners ~ email me at sugar_sweet7733@yahoo.com leh!
(Yixuan! Calling for Yixuan!)
Im looking to sign up at either AMORE or a yoga place near the east side where I live.
Anybody interested to go? I would prefer attending classes in the afternoon or late morning.

God bless, take care all.

Dear 'Lost', maybe u can email me and we can carry on from there? *hug*

Polarie.. NYC got no nice nice bread.. just $2 street hotdogs! Ahahhahaa! :p

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