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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hi guys!
Im so sorry but Im back after eating crepes and drinking cuppucino with Jungle Boy.

Hee hee, we went out after lunch coz we had to pick up my FREE home garment steamer that I could claim with the points on my credit card.
Nothing else to claim go n claim steamer lor.

Im bery happy coz I've been comtemplating getting one like since forever, but at $200- Im just afraid it'll turn into a white elephant at home.
So imagine how excited I was when I could get one for free.
(Cheapo me.)

Quite fun somemore, esp when Im such a lazy person.
Just add water n go!
Steam steam steam..!

But dun buy it la, not very worth it.
Good for delicate cloths n silk dresses, but useless with anything thicker.

Okies tags (finally) replied!
Sorry leh.. I is really busy with the car n everything.

Had a small problem with the insurance coz Im quite young and my licence is barely 1 half yrs.
But never mind, all is well and settled now!

Dun wan to make too big a fuss, everyone works just as hard for their living too.
BFF tells me that the person is just plain irresponsible but what to do.

On happier things!

I do likeeeeee my new ride very much and I feel extremely blessed by God.

To me it is a plunge into deeper waters and crossing our fingers that its not a mistake on our part.

It is a serious commitment between Jungle Boy and me, and we are taking our level of trust a notch higher.
Its like our little baby, n Im trying to be gentle with it.

So I hope everything else goes well and that goes for everyone too!

If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.
St. Clement of Alexandra

Take care everyone ~
Hugs all round.


Freaking hell have to go on a diet soon coz BFF wedding is barely one month away!
Later look like bak chang bery paiseh one.


Fan: Hehe Diva sells the best accessories n although it can get alittle pricy, their quality is pretty good IMHO. :)

polarie: *HUGS!* Do take care ya, n come back n chat with me soon k! Dun worry everything will be better.. :D

rach: Its from this shop called EURO TIME. In Lucky Plaza, #02-01.
U can see the watches from the display outside. Hths!

R: *paiseh* But thank u, hee.

Fan: No money to get married... wahhahaha :P

anon: I use an assortment of lashes, but ardell 101 DEMI in black are my favourite.

anon: U are absolutely correct. But I do sincerely hope that everyone who signs on the dotted line mean to keep their word on their marriage vows. Its disheartening to know that the person is thinking how to get out of the marriage even before the ink dries on paper. Marriage is til death does us part, no? :)

gina: Hahahha! Aiya tell u my tummy as round as spare tyre u wun believe me lor. :(

JJ: Guess!!! :p

dede: Sure babe, Im @

bernice: Got it! :)

anon: Is ur fren Jo? :p Im not from stc, thou. I graduated in 98. (Older than u I think.) Hee!

anon: Mine is medium size. But theres a larger one.. too big for me! Covers my whole wrist. But I likeeee.. then my fren say bery ugly. Nabey.

ashlyne: Phuket was awesome!!! I do miss it already.. though I quite angry coz I am so black now. Jungle Boy calls me "Laskmi" (indian name)

esumi_q: Thank u so much babe! Yes yes.. Jungle Boy took it. :)

cindy: Hahahhah! Kns leh why mango n zara ah!! :p P.s r u MY cindy li J.P?

anon: The flower bangle ah...I got it from Diva during sales leh!

june: Thank u sooo much babe. U r very kind. :) The glasses were bought in Taipei, roadside stall. But if u go to far east plaza level 3 there r some accessory shops that sell oversized sunnies too. Hths!

passerby-sheryl: Thank u for ur support! The picture was a freak accident. Swear! :)

ivy: OMG.. hawt.. why!! Hahahhaha but thank u so much.. very sweet of u.

wind: I like my lashes from ARDELL. U can get them from selected Guardian n Watsons. They cost ard $8.90 per pair n can last abt a month with careful daily usage.

serene: Its called PHUKET PAVILLION. :)

Fan: Thank u! N my skin not very good coz I have super dark eye circles.. :(

anon: Small 2 door car babe! :) But I like it very much coz its quite cute. Keke.

anon: Its called PHUKET PAVILLION and Jungle Boy booked it through his travel agent. It cost ard 900 per pax including Silkair tickets, 4D3N and airport transfer.

silver: OMG I miss u! Hehee how is the little prince enzo? Can post more pics of handsome boy anot..! Kekekke n wat happen to ur tagbox in ur blog? I tried to tag but I couldnt find it.. :(

Ok.. bye guys!
Off to eat my sashimi (from MeiDi-Ya supermarket.. cheap n fresh!) then read my japanese magazines.
Such an expensive guilty pleasure!
No more buying next time! ><

p.s But the japanese magazines have really bery bery niceeeee pictures hor!

Leaving u my ultimate favorite best of best korean song.

Fairytales do come true.

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