Phuket Part Deux

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hey its me again!
Im sorry for the blogpost diarrhea, sometimes when I start I cant stop.
Then when I stop.. I get alittle lazy!

Hmmmm.. that reminds me of yoga.
I use to practise it alot, until I got to know Jungle Boy then slowly but surely I reduced my sessions. Then my Amore membership was over before I knew it, and I never gotten around re-newing it.

Now Im getting alittle flabby (everywhere) and Im thinking of continuing.
Anyone interested in joining me? Or have nice cheap recommendations?

Phuket Part II

We woke up bright n early for breakfast and it was so lovely, - with the view and fresh air as the whole place is built on the hilltop.

And it being a rather private area, there are hardly anyone everyone (except staff) so u can really eat in peace and enjoy some privacy.

I counted a total of 2 couples while I was there.. no kidding!
We literally had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

The breakfast was not buffet style as u would get in a regular hotel, only the continental range is displayed.
Hot breakfast have to be ordered ala-carte so u are guaranteed piping hot, freshly prepared eggs (or anything u choose) done ur way.

We went taking pictures (guess who's idea lor..) and then I went back for a quick swim.
I lurve swimming... even if there is a puddle of water I will jump in!

Then after lazing around deciding wat to do.. we took a shower coz the weather was getting extremely hot!
Then we called for the hotel to arrange a limo and get us to PATONG BEACH!

Patong Beach is a beach on Phuket's west coast, and to the town adjoining it. It is the main tourist resort in Phuket. It also contains an important centre of Phuket's nightlife and is the centre of cheap shopping on the island. The beach became popular with western tourists, especially Europeans, in the late 1980s. Numerous large hotels and chain hotels are located in Patong.

It costs 1000baht one way coz we were so far away from civilisation.

No wonder Jungle Boy chose this place.. he hates crowd and he hates shopping!
So he was very thrilled with his villa choice, while I suffer from withdrawal symptoms of being in Thailand but not going shopping.

Nevertheless.. I managed to bluff him into going Patong!
(Tell him go there can take nice nice picture lor what else.)

I likeee that picture coz I look bery happy!

Think it was the new hat that I bought the moment we stepped off the car.

We strolled by the beach, grabbed some authentic Thai food that were cheap and good!
I can drink Tom Yum soup everyday coz I love how fresh the prawns are and how spicy and sour the soup is.

Its like a roller coaster ride for my tongue and I am enthralled by the senses that were provoked by this innocent looking dish.
I was sweating buckets by the time we finished the food and it felt very good!

Posing with stir-fry chicken.

Walking to Patong.. we decided to go PARASAILING!

Yes... thats me in the air!

I absolutely loved it!
The feeling of being in the air and above the waters was so awesome.
I couldnt breathe properly coz I was so taken in by the wholesome beauty of nature.

It did made me feel like tearing coz I was so amazed.. imagine feeling the wind on ur face and blue sea underneath ur feet.
Mother Nature is such a magnificent thing.

I felt very small! Like I was totally helpless coz I was strapped on so tightly.
But very very much in awe.

Then before I knew it, I came back down already!

I wouldnt hesitant doing it again in a heartbeat, I swear.

When we went for a drink on the beach..I cant take a proper picture.

On the beach.

We spent the nite at the Simon's Cabaret but not much pictures coz we took mostly videos there.

Then we went back totally exhausted and slept like a baby.

I miss phuket already.

Take care all, church tml morning.
Off to bed soon!

Love love, hope u enjoyed the pics.
God bless.


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