Phuket part III

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hi dolly girls! :D
Omg I am extremely overwhelmed by all the kind responses and touching emails.
Thank u all from the very bottom of my heart, u dunno how much it means to me!

I know I may have ruffled some feathers but cross my heart I had never intend to invoke jealousy or envy in anyone.

To me, this is just my very simple day to day life and musings about daily events.
There are more glamourous lives that other girls are leading, so go envy them - not me.
Im just ur girl next-door working very hard for a living, too.

Back to Phuket, shall we?
I have many pictureeeees! :D
(p.s I had to re-size these pics coz my picture host couldnt manage.)

Day 3

We woke up bright and early on day 3 coz we booked the tour to bring us to Phi Phi island.

A quick breakfast at the hotel's restaurant.

Phi Phi Don was initially populated by Muslim fishermen during the late 1940s, and later became a coconut plantation. The Thai population of Phi Phi Don remains more than 80% Muslim. The actual population however, if counting laborers, especially from the north-east, from the mainland is much more Buddhist these days.

Phi Phi Leh also houses the 'Viking Cave', from which there is a thriving bird's nest soup industry.
Ko Phi Phi Leh was the backdrop for the 2000 movie The Beach.
There was criticism during filming of 'The Beach' that the permission granted to the film company to physically alter the environment inside Phi Phi Islands National Park was illegal. The controversy cooled down however, when it was discovered that the producers had done such a decent job of restoring the place that it finally looked better than it had done before.

The Phi Phi Islands were also the setting for the hide-out of Scaramanga in the James Bond Film "The Man with the Golden Gun."

The tour to Phi Phi was available everywhere, being the main attraction in phuket.
U can book it from ur hotel direct and on the day of ur tour, the company sends a van to pick u up from ur lobby.

Its easy and safe and very convenient.
The minivan ride took roughly half an hour from our ulu pandan hotel to the marina club where we were immediately taken in by the blue skies and sound of the sea.

We also thanked our blessings that day coz we were so afraid that it would rain and spoil the tour.

Jungle Boy said that he woke up to thunderstorms the night before and so he prayed for the sun to be out, incase I dun get to go snorkelling and would sulk the whole day.
Therefore, most of the credit shall go to him for the beautiful weather.
And Im like, wat? *Roll eyes*

At the marine club, waiting to go out to the island.

Reaching the island.

White sand.

Tourguide gave us bread to feed the fishes!
I jumped in the water for a snorkel and I saw the fish Nemooo!
Hee...was so excited and I couldnt stop talking! Haha think Jungle Boy had to mentally shut off after 3 mins of my chatter.

We spent around half an hour on one island before moving off to the next.

Our boat was in the middle of the sea and suddenly the tourguide said, "Anybody want to jump down to snorkel? - I dun wan to snorkel but I need to pee."

Hahahha and so he really jumped down!
It was so hilarious.

Feeding fishes with bananas and pineapples!

I saw more fishes and we spent some time in the waters before moving off again.

I like this picture.

On the boat.

We were then brought to Monkey Islands to feed monkeys and also to the Viking Cave to see birds nest from afar.
Its illegal to go in and the cave is heavily guarded. But we could see from far and the tourguide explained how people collected birds nests for a living.

Then very quickly it was time for lunch!
I was hungry becoz all I had for breakfast in the morning was noodle soup.
Besides for those who know me, I am always hungry.

Lunch was a simple affair consisting of thai style food and western gab like spaghetti and french fries.

Then we took more pictures on the island!

Lastly, we went to James Bond island.

Big waves!
We took some pictures, I swam alittle and then fell asleep on the beach.
It was great fun and we were so thankful that the skies were clear and the weather, perfect.

We went back to the marina club and the minivan took us back to the hotel.
By the time we got back, the sun was setting and the both of us were so exhausted.

I couldnt even move coz I was so tired.
But we got back to the villa and decided that it was a waste if we didnt swim!

So Jungle Boy and me jumped into the water just before the sun set.
We held hands, he gave me piggy backs in the water and it was sweet.

When it became dark.

We were so utterly famished by the end we finished our swim, and so the genius (read= lazy) Jungle Boy decided to call for room service.
I decided on the menu and we had the person come in and lay out the table and food.

It was such a sight!
I was absolutely in love with the view.

We had a simple lovely dinner by our private pool and it was a great way to end our last night in Phuket.
Thinking about it now brings butterflies in my tummy coz it was so simple, yet such a magical way to spend precious time with him.

Goodbye all, have to go now.
Tags to be replied soon, promise.

Take care, sweethearts.

God bless.


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