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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi guys!

Im so sorry for the lack of updates coz being on leave has weirdly made me more busy!
I have a truckload of pictures and then it was a hilarious meetup with the Fp babes whom I've known since like forever, and have became fast friends.
Although we meet up only once or twice a year - its so cute how we all have so many things to tell each other and before u know it its been hours since we started TALKING!

No wonder men always say women talk alot.
Imagine the 5 of us!
And we had two who was absent somemore... cannot imagine if all together at the same time.

Here's a small collage of the day we went to Paige's birthday bash.
The babies are so cuteeee I feel like pinching all of them again!

We love meeting up friends and playing with their babies!
But inevitably the question of "When are u guys getting married?" comes up and Jungle Boy n me end up choking on our food trying to evade tat question.

Chinese New Year comes early during such gatherings.

And today my gynae told me to hurry up and faster conceive becoz "YOU ARE NOT GETTING YOUNGER ANYMORE."
Double (-__-)'' sweat.

So I cheekily replied," Gynae bery expensive u noe." only to be replied with my doctor's raised eyebrows and nervous laughter before he quickly shoo-ed me out of the room.

And hor.... I joined AMORE..!
*jumps up and down*

So exciting coz got swimming pool n I love to swim!
But dieeeee.. going to stay dark dark for a long time now.. my BFF calls me _ _ ... < insert nickname here >.
U noe.. I noe we dun tell anybody okieee?

And.. I went for my second facial in a year!!
Okies I admit Im such a disgusting person coz I am so vain blah blah blah but I am too lazy to go for a monthly facial.

And like everyone is telling me.. Im not getting any younger anymore so I better invest inlittle more in my skin.
But old habits die hard and I plan to only once every two months..! Kekeke.

Anyways I signed up with the SKII boutique spa at Scotts and its FABULOUSSSSSITY!
Really extremely pleased with the professional service and my face was (since a long time!) glowing when I left.
Had extractions done but it left no red marks and I could apply makeup there and blow my hair somemore.
(Coz abit messy messy after facial)

I had dinner with the girls that night n they cant tell I went for facial!
Greatnesss.. me likey.

Hee, I stole a picture from Jac.
I heart her camera..! Everybody so glowy glowy somemore.

I also 'stole' a picture of Song Hye Kyo off the internet coz I am so in lurveeee with her hairstyle!
Wan to do it for BFF wedding dinner on Sunday but of coz she so darn pretty she can be botak and still be pretty, damnit.

Got to go everyone!
Tags to be replied ~ dun scold me.. I noe I bery late!

Take care all.
God bless.


Sneak preview of the top I wore from the blogshop Im endorsing too!
Isnt it such a light floaty top?
I absolutely loved it.

Look out for more of it coming up soon!


evil-lin32: Ya looor! I oso think those who stay in the east side super EATER!!! I eat supper everyday.. dieee...

yixuan: 17 pieces of clothessssd!! Wah lau I send u my shopaholic badge later. Hahhahha!

moo: Oh no I think I haven reply ur second email ~~ dun scold me! Okies tmr I reply u. :p

Jan: Phuket is great to visit at any time of the year. Traditionally, the busiest time is from late October until early April, with the Christmas/New Year period being the absolute peak. During these times you need to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Beach and weather conditions are perfect at this time ideal for diving, sailing too. If visiting at other times of the year, you will benefit from better prices for accommodation and services, and still enjoy wonderful weather. Even during the monsoon period July through to October, short rainsqualls are interspersed with beautiful sunny periods, allowing you to still enjoy the full range of outdoor activities available here. - credit to Phuket Guide.

fan: ?? Hahaa why u wan to noe abt Jungle Boy..?

sassygirl: Thank u babe! :D

Fan: I noe... dun worry! Heheheheh U scare I think u asking abt jungle boy ah? :p
N Im gng to have more adverts on blogshops! Just that Im not going to cramp them all together like some blogs that do that. Hope its ok with u. :)

yixuan: *nods* Thank u!

polarie: Go join amoreeeeeeee!!!! With meeeee!!!!

anon: Wahahhaa u r correct!

ladyshrewd: Hehehhe if u see me u must call out to me arh.... dun quiet quiet.. keke!

anon: Wah ur question abit cheem coz I never buy more than one spec frames before!! But I like going Parkway to do my glasses coz there are so many spec shops there u can find something u like. Hope this helps!

Wendy: Huh is it! I go in the afternoons n it is open wor. Do u wan me to get the telephone number for u so u can call before u go in future?

anon: I sweep it to one side and spray a ton of hairspray n prays that it doesnt fall into my eyes! LOL! :)

bubblegum: I heart Tony Burch too! But sadly no.. they dun have it here. N I've only seen it in the States. :(

jace: Thank u darling! :D

Jacqueline: If u are doing a face mask, u dun have to use a toner. :) Just apply mask and then apply moisturiser as per normal (Unless otherwise stated by the mask's instructions.) Its ok to skip toner once in a while. :)

Ok nite nite guys.. have pilates tomorrow then dinner with my going-to-get-married soon BFF.. :)
And then I will be the only single one in the group.

Lalallaaa ~ So dun ask me when I getting married ah!
Nitessss girls!

For personal questions n advertisements email me at sugar_sweet7733@yahoo.com
Pls note that I do not accept money for doing reviews and adverts.
Thank u and enjoy the weekend everyone..!

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