Sorry for being late! - Phuket Part Uno

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Its not funny when I have about a thousand pictures from my Phuket trip and I dunno where to start! :(

But it was such a great experience, being away from the city life and having such a blast with Jungle Boy the photographer.
He's really into taking pictures, using his videocam and basically acting like a true-blue Singaporean tourist.

Me: Okies I is hungry! *Attempts to dig into food*
Him: Waaaaaaait....! Take pictureeeeee!

*Pose pose smile smile*

Me: Can already anot! I hungry la!
Him: Wait arh.. I QC first, my model quite lousy today.
Me: *Tries to stab him with fork*

And that went on for the entire time we were there.
Irritating, can.

Some peektures from Day 1.

When we first got in.

Airport transfer was included when we booked the villa, so happy coz the last thing I like doing is to haggle with taxidrivers on prices at the airport terminal.

It leaves me mentally exhausted and I dun like them sulking just becoz I am not willing to pay 'farang' prices.
(Farang means caucasian in thai.)

I am always tempted to ask, "Do I look like carrot to u?"

Hokies, on to happier things!
Er.. me!

Flowers for every female guest when u arrive.

Private pool and sundecks.
Ooooh.. I like.

Cant resist jumping into the pool.

Living room at night.

Our one bedroom villa which overlooks the sea.

View from the bedroom.

I am absolutely in love with the huge ass walk in toilet with a long vanity table, two sinks (no need to fight while brushing teeth) and a bathtab so big we could both sit in it.
Oooooh hang on.. thats the whole idea isnt it.

After a shower and going for dinner.

Drinks at the lounge.

Delicious cocktails.

Dinner at the inhouse restaurant.
Am sleepy.

Medium rare Rib eye steak.

Great view.

Jungle Boy and I had a great time talking that night, we didnt want to go anywhere else but just to relax and spend time with each other.

Beside, the villa was literally the best thing there so we just spent the first night taking many pictures, - and laughing and holding hands throughout.

It was so simple, but definately precious.


Back soon with Part II and III of Phuket, guys!

Take care all, love love.
Im so sorry for taking such a long time coz I have been so, so busy.

God bless.


Am totally in love with my new set of wheels! :D
Jungle Boy says no more presents for the next ten years...!

p.s as u can see I am totally DARK DARK colour now.

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