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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hi guys!
Im so sorry for being MIA (Missing-In-Action) for so bloody long but its becoz I was busy meeting up with friends and spending precious time with Jungle Boy becoz he flew off for business again this week.
And for our future, he has to work very hard u noe?

The company is getting more and more busy now, so Jungle Boy has to fly to the site every week now.

And then I have to earn my keep, -so its also back to work for me!
For those who wonder.. Jungle Boy doesnt pay for my shopping.
So I got to work very hard.. becoz I have such a deadly fevered passion for shopping..sigh.

Last week was a whirlwind of activities and I was away for a week so I had lots catching up to do back home!
I missed Yoga so much and now Im picking up jogging around my estate.

Great time to work out before the sun sets and then I get to do alittle kpo-ing with the neighbours.
If not for the jog this evening, I wouldnt have found out where the neighbourhood little white and brown cat has been... to the next, next door!
Quite fun actually.

First up.. pictures to my Mummy's birthday dinner!

Simple fare at Lao Beijing Plaza Sing.
The food's alright but thumbs up for attentive service even though it was a holiday weekend.
The very kind captain had cheerfully thrown in free 'Longevity' buns when she found out that we were celebrating a birthday.

The wait staff was professional and extremely cheerful.
Now hows that for a great dining experience?
Tung Lok should be holding training workshops for staff from other restaurants coz they have such great service personnel.

I went to blow my hair.
Costs ard $30 per trip, but its well worth the time.
I find it such a simple luxury when Im free becoz I get a new style without the damage of a perm.

But p.s, I never let them tong it.
I prefer the traditional way of blow-drying it with a brush.
And I always ask for the auntie auntie to do.. coz they are so expert in it!
The newer hairstylist usually dun do a proper job coz everyone uses tongs these days.

One more, ah.
Lurveee how absolutely shiny the ends look.

This is after spraying a gizllion ton of hairspray on it when I got home becoz of the humidity in Singapore.. curls never last long!

Then I met up with my polymates.
OMG.. 10 years seem like a very long time.. but wow!
I am so surprised I had such a great time catching up.
I wish there were more.. but sadly we lost some contacts thru the years.

We vowed to do it more often!

Im really glad Jungle Boy trusts me wherever I go.. and he doesnt mind if I go out with my male friends becoz he knows we are platonic.
He doesnt call to check on me, doesnt care what I wear, nor does he insist on meeting them.

Maybe becoz he's older.. hmm I dunno.
Or in his own words.. "Im confident!" ahahhahahah.. I want to laugh.

But I treat him as an adult too.. so I seldom check on him although I do make a big show of asking him where he's going, whats he's doing etc.
Its more like a joke becoz he always laments in mock exasperation to others how 'TIGERESS' I can be.

Well, if a man wants to stray, - he will.
And if a woman wants to leave, she will, too.

I've often ask myself, what will I do if he leaves me?

Yes I will cry n be sad.. but at the end of the day I will pick myself and go on with life becoz if he doesnt want to be with me, then I dun wanna be with him either.

And trust me, I've been through shit before.
My life aint a bed of roses, ok.

There was once I loved a man so much I forgot who I am.
I craved for his attention and became someone I am not.
I waited for his calls alot, I went out even I was tired becoz I wanted to be 'nice'.

It took me 2 years to move on and we are friends til today but if u ask me what would I redo everything in life if I had the chance, I would say no.
Becoz its lessons like this which molded me to who I become.

When I first got to know Jungle Boy, I told myself that I will never pretend to be who Im not.
So I actually turned him down the very first time he called me out.
It wasnt that I was playing hard to get, but I was really tired and I needed time to recuperate and my favourite thing is to do is to nua at home, so I didnt want to go out.

And I also told myself that if he was really genuine, he would call me again.
(He proceeded to sms me nearly everyday.)

Well, he did.. and that was it was slightly more than a week later until we really went out.

And he brought me to a kopitiam.

But I didnt mind becoz the food was great!

And u guys should know what a tum jiak person I am.. I think food tastes best in not-so-pristine places.

But to Jungle Boy, it was a test too.
He wanted to see how I would react.

Well, too bad Im not those girly girly girl who only eats in atas places.
So I think we both liked what we saw and fast forward afew years later, we still go to hawker centres all the time and I still tell him I very nua whenever Im at home.

Haha, I think I've divulged alittle too much this time round but Im missing him alot so thinking of the past makes our current distance apart alittle closer.

My other love.
Kisses and kisses for my sweets.

Do I look tired?
I woke up bright and early for yoga that day!

My other love then met up with us!
Since secondary school.. so many years of friendship and we still love each other.

Im planning another kopi session coz I had to leave half-up this time round to pick Jungle Mummy up from Chinatown.
Jungle Boy and Daddy not in town, so I become taxi-driver lor.

But never mind, coz she bought yummy eggtarts for me!
She oso know I bery tum jiak one.

Ok bye bye everyone ~
God bless.


I think I look so much younger in straight hair!


ant: Ur welcome! And any ramen in Japan is nice ~ hahaha but of coz go to one with alot of people and u will never go wrong! Miu Miu is abt 20% cheaper in europe after tax refund.

yixuan: When is ur wedding? Becoz my BFF wedding is at the end of next year wor!

dawn: He is bery irritating lor.. king of cold jokes. Tell u our house always got black crows.. becoz everytime he say cold joke they will fly past... (-_-)'' Hehe!

charis: Hahahah no! I never go town for bery long time liao. :)

yixuan: Hahahha ya lor the cover looks amazing! Love the red behind.

jo: Hi jo, I still go to Iputa becoz I dun really agree with the way things was done, but then its really none of my business so I shall keep my comments to myself. :)

ping: Thx babe!! How r u? *hug* I use Photoscape.

xuan: U can try shops at Far East Plaza! They have really nice ones, but dun buy high heel ones coz they look good but can be terrible to walk in. Do buy half to one size larger for ur thick socks to keep blisters away and keep u warm in case of cold weather.
I wear abt 2 inches high boots and mine are full leather but they last forever.
If u dun intend to use them alot, then u should get low heel, cheaper ones. Just make sure they are really comfortable and pack other pairs of shoes!

siyin: How was it! No good dun scold me ah! Scold her! :p

kimberly: I use ZA two-way cake! But I have a strict skincare regime too! :D

sassygirl: I think it looks different too now that u mentioned it.. but really! I didnt do anything to my nose! I have no guts! ~ Nose leh!!! Its the first thing u see!

boomz: Hahahhaha..! I am not answering ur question can ~ :P:P:P

Sophie: I believe she gets her ling ling long long from this shop called DIVA. In most shopping centres. HTHs! :)

NN: Thanks sweets! I used a lip-plumping gloss from Sally Hansen in that pic. Available at Watsons too! N cheap too!

hmm: Long long time can buy one only la! Dun be so hard on a bagaholic..!! ~ Heeee...! :p

evilin: I thank u on her behalf! Cheers and I do hope u like ur new hair.. :)

may: Perms are permanent but I dunno much abt them coz I nv try before! I permed my hair only ONCE in my life and I was so freaked out I straighten it almost immediately!

Ok byeeeeee everyone!
Going to dreamland soon.
Love y'all.

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
- Mark Twain

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