Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I woke up at 7.30am for yogasana and took a quick swim before the sun came out in full force.
I am a dark dark person.. and just a minute under the glare will make me two shades darker, a dream for everyone who wants a tan.. but not for me!

The worst part is that everyone misunderstands me from the colour of my skin becoz they usually think I love suntanning.. which is not true!
The sun causes u to age considerably, and while u might not see the after-effects immediately, - it will usually show up in a couple of years.

Thats why I try to swim between 9am-11am latest and avoid being under direct sunlight from 12pm-2pm where the rays are the strongest.

Eh, but still I get a tan.

Im a happy girl today becoz Im planning a dinner with my girlies and we are going to talk about.. yes.. WEDDINGS!

My dearest BFF has decided to hold her banquet next year at Sheraton Towers and she has already put a deposit for the place.
I foresee being very busy becoz they are so many things to help her with, to plan, to sabo (the groom looor..) and to do.

We have so many things to discuss, and that includes flowers and weeeeedding gowns!
So exciting becoz who doesnt love weddings?

(Hua: Only u put up ur hand.. I know.)

But its my BFF so u betcha Im gonna try my very best to help her!

Having gone thru one BFF's wedding already.. we are all so bloody excited at the next becoz this is a sure sign of us growing up and growing old together.
But then its another headache.. coz I still dunno what to wear.

Im trying my best to lose weight healthily now so hopefully I will achieve my goal of 3-4kg by the end of next year.
I will never crash diet becoz of its harmful effects to the body so Im taking my own sweet time to go down a dress size.

Esp my fatty face...coz if u noticed, - I have chipmunk cheeks!
Sometimes Jungle Boy pinches them and sings in a chipmunk voice.

Speaking of him.. 48 more hours til I see him!
Gambatte neh!

Last night I cleared my closet and felt amazingly happy.
Maybe tomorrow I shall re-arrange my bags and shoesssss.

Am wanting to buy a new bag!
Oooooooh cant wait to see if they have what I want.
*hush hush*

Been so long since I've bought anything.
What a good girl I am, you noe.
Santa is so gonna agree with me.

p.s Today I went to repair the zip on my favourite boots.. then stingy me bargained with the cobbler!
So bad right but he was so nice.. gave me $4 off okie!

Happy.. happy.
A dollar saved is a dollar earned, right!

Okie dokie guys.. have to go have my afternoon tea.
Then its off to meet my best friends for (a cheap n nice) dinner.

Take care all.
Tags to be replied laters.

God bless.


After Gym

Love my skin here, am using Hazeline Snow whenever I go to the gym.
Luuurve that smell.
Reminds me of my childhood when my mum has one on the dressing table and I will always steal it to use!

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