Lyana's wedding fairytale

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hi guys!
Im back from the mall and Im really really really turning into a bloody housewife I swear.
I bought detergent and another MOP!

Refusing to budge, I stood in the middle of all the cleaning brands studiously examining the prices, ingredients and wat-not as if my life depended on it.

I wasnt even so serious when I took my exams back in school.
Is age catching up with me???

Oh ya!
Do u wanna see pics from my dearest Lyana's wedding at Novotel, Clarke Quay last week?
It was such a smash.

I missed my girlies and although it was a short meet-up, I do treasure my time with them.

Lyana and me!

Us at the cocktail reception before dinner.


The very beginning.
Can u make out the wedding favours at the top right-hand corner?

The couple had cleverly chosen a bottle opener (for all the beer drinkers I presume) and a pink embroidered mirror for the ladies!

I wore my pink pink dress (pink is love.) and I put a flower in my hair that night.
Dunno where the flower came from though.. I think it was from one of my tops.
I pretty much took a black pin and kiamp the thing in my head.

I loved how the train looked from behind.
Absolutely smitten.

And I did like the food!
I thought the fish was pretty fresh too, but I normally dun eat much at weddings becoz got image to maintain mah..(as if!)


The bride and groom on the stage.

Cam-whoring alittle.
I lurve my BFF!
And I miss the rest of my BFFs ...too long never kena suan by them, - I feel abit itchy leh.

The second march-in.
The prawns in shaoxing wine were fabulous!
So fresh somemore.

Taking another picture with my loves.

And ahem.. another.

My dearest Karen and me.

Towards the end of the wedding.

We chatted and talked about weddings.
Im so excited and Im most glad to say that the next wedding we are going to attend is of my BFF's!
But then Im going to have another big headache wondering what to wear and what shoes to go in.
Which girl doesnt love dressing up?
I know I do!

Darling Lyana had changed into a red kwa towards the end and was definitely the star of the lovely evening.
I wish the newlyweds all the happiness in the world and may they hold each other's hands until their hair turn grey and faces all wrinkly!

Before I go pick up Jungle Boy at the airport.. here's a quick look at my hair!
It was rather impromptu but a pretty great look that my auntie hairstylist had done.
Loose curls pinned to the side and huge volume at the top.

Got to go babes!
I wish everyone love and peace.. its amazingly fast coming to the end of another year isnt it?

As I grow older I tend to cherish everyone around me more becoz I know that the world doesnt just evolve around Jungle Boy and me.
If u think I look younger n younger, I guess its becoz I dun sweat the small stuff now!
Stress is such a killer.

Now I just relax and take things as it is.

If I wanna buy something, I just buy.
If I wanna go somewhere, I pretty much just take off.

Life is about slowing down and appreciating everything and everyone around us.
Take time to listen to the birds chirping in the morning and u will be pleasantly surprised what a good start it might be to your hectic day.

"To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the wedding cup,

Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, just shut up."

- Ogden Nash

God bless.


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