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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Absolutely lurveeee my BFFs to death.

Pictures will be up soon!
Had some great girlie time looking at wedding-worthy dresses and gossiping over dinner, then la-ing kopi til midnight at an Ang Mo Kio kopitiam.

Words can never explain the relationship we have, - becoz like what Wen has so aptly said just now, "If there were people next to us listening to our conversation, I think they think we are ENEMIES not friends!"

Good-natured ribbing and hearty teasing are usually order of the day.
Like I said, we are not called BFFs* for nothing!

*BFF = Bad Friends Forever

Seriously, er.. we really mean the above when we call each other BFF.
(If u dun already know, I am a weird person so it only natural to have equally weird friends.)

Anyways, back to replying tags!

Evilin: No prob babe! Rem to look for Wendy. :)

Jace: Wah lau I love ch 55 lorrrr!I think I cannot live without it, Jungle Boy always scold me coz he say I bery 38 watch this kind of show... ahhahahah :P And we had a great time but would be better if u were there! Nv mind.. next time okie?? Hehhe!

wind: Thank u so much babe.. Im v glad I have great colleagues who initiated a Donation Drive for his family, so at least we all can chip in and help out to ease their financial burden alittle.. There are angels everywhere actually. Hope is in ur heart too. :) With all the blessings, I do think my colleague can get through this rough patch. Thank u once again!

Maggie: Pls lor! U then pretty mama! I love seeing Kaylene n Kayson..! *muack muack from auntie Elaine*

kai: Miu miu is really great for the working girl and europe has the latest seasonal colours! :) Hope u enjoy ur trip!!

syl: Have u seen me in person?? OMG.. Im such a midget and u can see me?? I stand next to my friends (Except my BFF Wendy Lau) and I disappear..! :P Hahhaha...Kidding! N ch 55 is da best!!! :D

Elle: Thank u babe! My shortie BFF WENDY LAU cuts my hair in Twister. HTHs!

tisha: I guess its the same everywhere.. when u are young and healthy u are at the top of the world. But if u are old and sick then even ur family members might find u a burden, let alone companies.
My colleague had a great time at work already, coz he was diagnosed many years back (but under control then) - I guess things took a turn for the worse recently and due to medical reasons he was advised to take an early retirement.
But frankly my other colleagues were great!!! *thumbs up*
They had a donation booth set up and it was very inspiring seeing banners and cards done up for him n his family! :D

ant: Its at Big Splash East Coast, but the food is forgettable so thats the reason why I didnt put the name up.

r: ALAMAK I forgot to say that the picture is AFTER gym! Coz today after gym I meet my BFFs ma! :p

Christie: Hi babe! I couldnt find the post too...! I wonder where it is?? Maybe I should do a new one...

Ok guysss.. am going to sleep already.
Am testing out two drugstore products, nothing over $40 each!
Great belt-tightening measures when beauty counter brands cost so much for similar ingredients.

Shall do an updated beauty and skincare post when I can squeeze alittle more time out!
Pictures of the dinner with my girls up next.

Love them to bits coz they call me funny names.. NOT.
*roll eye*



Jungle Boy faster come back.
Nobody eat Macdelivery with me.

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