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Monday, October 05, 2009

Hi everyone!
I skipped Yoga today coz I need to send Jungle Boy to the airport later.
He's getting me lunch first coz he knows if I dun eat I will make noise.

Edited to add:
He bought me Botak Jones... and Im very full now!
Yipee.. ate my durian mooncake and drinking a cup of tea.
I loveeee rainy days.. makes me feel like sleeping the afternoon away.

The only bad thing abt wet days is that I refuse to drive my car out when it rains becoz Jungle Boy not in town to wash my car for me.

And I cant wash it alone.. coz Im too short to wipe the top.
I cant reach laaaa! >< *paiseh*

Am watching Moonlight Resonance again!
For the 3rd time already.. Once on DVD.. now on SCV and co-currently watching on DVD again.
Jungle Boy shakes his head and wonders why Im watching it again even when I know how the story goes..

Have u watched it yet?
Its very niceeeeee! :D

And so I digress.
Back to replying tags!

Janet: Hahaahah I think I look younger in bangs..! Act cute u noe... :P
Kai: Buy HERMES coz they are classic and otheir prices will increase over time. LV for small items like wallets n pouches coz they last forever and Miu Miu for bags becoz they are v cheap in Europe.
??: LOL! Thank u looorr.. :P But I didnt even have fillers done although when I look at my own pics I understand where that is all coming from. My nose bridge does look alittle straight, but if I turn to the side, u would see clearly that its all ME. Boomz! :P:P
Jace: Thanks jace! Why never join us that day go eat cake with Leafy? :(
ger: Wun scare me one la! I is very brave girl u noeee :p Gimme ur email address.. I email u the number of the other shop.
get moist: I use CLARINS LOTUS FACE TREATMENT OIL. But Im thinking of changing it now.. :/
shan: Hahhah But I have short legs n its terrible!
Victoria: I have rather thick hair so its easier to create volume. If u have thin hair, u might need to tease the crown first by backcombing before u kiap ur hair.
Take a look at this.
elyn:Hahhaha come to think of it my top is alittle beige with a tinge of grey? Confusing..! Kekeke..N thanks.. acting cute is my forte. :p *puke*
ping:U can do it! JIA YOU!!!! TRY N TRY N TRY!! :):) n ya lor.. i look so young with bangs..
Fan: XIE XIE NI! Actually im still the same.. just the camera angle and all! Hehehhehe n yes! I heart maxis too! Love them so much!
kara:I got the top from a shop in LA... no brand one.. just walk in and bought it! :D
Jace: Hahahhaha ur sister said the exact same thing. :) But dun care what ppl think as long as u are comfortable in it. Perhaps u can wear heels so ppl dun mistake u as pregnant? hahha but I love maxis coz i can eat n eat ppl cannot see my tummy.
meme: U can try to backcomb ur hair too! :)
Click Here.
Lynn: I will put the address at the end of this post! :)
yixuan: hahahaha thanks dear!
Midori: I either wear my boots in winter, or when in summer I wear slippers. :)
Ballerina pumps are also my staple shoes.
jan: U can try the shops in FEP. Those that sell bikinis also sell smocked maxi dresses. Or u can try Metro/CK Tangs. They have some maxis in their collections too!
Evillin: Will include the address n shop at the end of this post too. :D
yo:He has afew lens, but he also has external flash and white balance thingy to make his pictures nicer. I tried asking him but he doesnt want to tell me! >< I will force him one day ok.. KY:Hi babe my hair is not rebonded.. I have straight hair already but I sometimes using a straight iron to kiamp it straight and avoid fizzy-ness in our humid weather. HTHs.
Ok bye guys!
Love y'all.

Additional Info:

Bling Top

Regarding the bling top - I bought it in ANGL @ SOUTH BAY MALL, 1815 HAWTHORNE BLVD 25 REDONDO BEACH CA.
It cost me USD$65.

I do my hair at TWISTER SALON IN HOUGANG MALL, LEVEL 4. TEL: 63874044

Hope this helps!

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