Rompin, Fishing and me.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hi guys!
Hey hey.. how was ur weekend?

OMG I couldnt believe how little I slept and then it was back to work work and more work.
Im sorry for not replying tags as much as I would like.. coz I had barely enuff winks for now.

Yesterday Jungle Boy, me and his lao ah-pek friend drove up to Rompin, Malaysia for a day becoz he wanted to go fishing!
And yes.. my boyfriend decided to act smart and eat snake.
Talk about beating the Monday blues, huh!

But dun tell people hor.. coz no one in the office knew what he was up to.

We slept napped for 1 and a half hours before setting off at bloody 3am to drive pass the causeway.
And into this kampong area.. ROMPIN, MALAYSIA!

Eh, but do u know that Rompin is actually very famous for its fishing spot?
Jungle Boy has been there a million times, but this is the first for me.

I had never wanted to put myself in a place where there were practically zilch women and everyone knew what a tackle hook is.
But alas.. for love I went.

The love of eating fresh fishes, I mean!

And oh.. eating fresh kampong chicken eggs, no kidding.

Luckily Im quite a tomboy at heart.. coz if the food hygiene people came I dunno how they going to rate chickens roaming around food preparation places.

Or bugs on the chairs and no one blinks an eye.
Or bottles on the floor, but there are not rubbish - mind u, they have mosquito coils attached to them becoz obviously flies and mosquitoes have quite a free range here.

Smokers would have a field day here also becoz not only can u smoke ANYWHERE u like, u can throw ur ash and cigarette butt anyhow too.
The only reason that will stop u from throwing it on the floor is becoz later the kampong chicken will think its food and try to eat it, laa.
But not that I saw the people there care, haha.

All these and Jungle Boy tells me its one of the cleanest places for fishing.

But anyhows.. we ate breakfast and started our fishing journey at 8am sharp!

Love the sea.

I would always look at the great big ocean and wonder how is it like to live in the waters.

It reminds me of the times when I was young and would watch The Little Mermaid and be fascinated about living in the sea.
Maybe thats the reason why I love swimming so much.. I would secretly wish to be a mermaid and swim all day long with my friends, - fishes and sharks and lobsters and sotongs.

That is why I find it pretty ironic that Ariel would give up everything to have legs and be a human being when all I wanna do is to be in the waters.
Guess the grass is always greener on the other side, yes?

Wanna know how I look like without an inch of makeup?
Alittle ghost-like, but Jungle Boy likes it when I dun apply all the UIC paint on my face.
Of coz if I could walk around without makeup I would - but its not Halloween everyday u noe!

Dun say I never say.
(If the sight of me makeupless scares u then u better not scroll down anymore.)

They made me hold the rod and it scared the shit outta me!

But it was GREAT FUN!!!
The sailfish was extremely strong and it fought for ages..
I just hold for awhile and my arms were aching already.

And for sailfishes like the one in the pic, we fish them and throw them back into the water.
Yes.. u heard me right.

Jungle Boy and his friends will drive up for hours, book a small boat, get all smelly and dirty just to fight fish, catch them and throw them back into the water.

But we keep fishes like grouper and sotongs.

Anyways on my own.. I caught a sotong!!

Jungle Boy made me pose for the camera!
But I was very scared!!!
Cannot tell right?

We proceeded to do this all day long.

Fish, catch and throw back.
Repeat for at least 10 times.

But we caught small fishes and brought it back to Singapore.
We also had like 8 sotongs?
So now I everyday got sotong to eat.

Okies.. got to go down and eat my sotong now for dinner!
Jungle Mummy cook~
Yummy.. then later going to eat ice-cream with Jungle Boy becoz he owes me one.

He said I would get seasick but I didnt!!!
Im a tough lil' cookie.

Bye girls.. Love all.
God bless.


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