Weekends are great

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hi guys!
Its the weekend again and I betcha that everyone (like, me..ahem) is in high spirits!
I absolutely loveeee lazing around the house.. and watching telly drinking tea!

Yesterday I had a fan-ta-bulous time spending the day with my better half.
We walked hand in hand, gazed at window displays and had a small intimate dinner looking at the sea.
The night ended sweet, -literally with a durian cake and ice-cream on a brownie.

Then we got home and the boy was hungry again so I had to cook instant noodles with eggs and meatballs from the fridge.
And while he risked food poisoning eating supper made from his undomesticated girlfriend, Jungle Boy polished off every single bit becoz he knew it was made sincerely from the heart.

Yes... MSG or no MSG.

My Saturday was fun.
How was yours?

Today I have to work already!
Will be back soon, I hope.
Then I need to take some time to reply all the tags.
Thank you for being patient with me, Love y'all.

God bless.

Here's some small pics from my New York trip sometime ago!
More soon.

Do u like the new blogskin?
Yes! It looks so cuteee.
No its not very nice.
I dun really care what blogskin u use.
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