Huan Hin Escapade

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi guys!
Ok I am embarrassed.
I noe I haven been diligent enough in replying tags but I can assure everyone that I've read them all!
And yes.. I promise I will get round answering them.

Do u wanna see pics of Hua Hin, Thailand?
Heehee, got alot wor.

Hua Hin is a famous beach resort town in Thailand, in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, some 200 km south of Bangkok. It has a population of 84,883 in an area of 911 km², and is one of eight districts (Amphoe) of the Prachuap Khiri Khan province.
Hua Hin is closely associated with the Thai royalty. Merely 25 kilometers apart, Hua Hin in Prachuap Khiri Khan province enjoys a wealth of satellite attractions; prominent among them are national parks and historical cities.

Day 1

As mentioned in a previous post, Jungle Boy and me had to fly up to BKK and stay a night before taking an 3 hr ride to Hua Hin.
It wasnt too bad as traffic was pretty smooth and we didnt have any hiccups on the way en route.

I like Hua Hin almost immediately becoz unlike busy BKK, Hua Hin was quiet and relatively free of foreigners.
The resort we stayed at a grand total of 2 other couples so u can imagine how peaceful it was.
We likey.

Went for spa coz the resort very kindly changed our villa to one with a better view!
So with time to kill, we treated ourselves to alittle massage.


View from the Spa.
We can see our villa from up there!

Our Haven for the stay.
Its a little smaller than the one we went in Phuket, but pretty cosy and easier to get around the whole place.

Took a quick dip coz I love water.

After taking a shower and a change of clothes, we explored the place alittle before making our way to take the shuttle bus provided by the resort.

We went to Hua Hin's night market!
Wares and food out in display.

Look at the lovely colour.
I was in awe.

The food was so fresh and the people in true Thai culture, very friendly and nice.
Unlike BKK, the peddlers here are not at all pushy and they dun quote sky high prices at all.
Infact they take the initiative to offer u a discount if u buy more from them!

There are no sleazy males finding fun here in Hua Hin, infact I see mostly couples and families who brought babies and toddlers here.

Then we got alittle hungry and decided to have some fresh seafood.
We chose a restaurant that was most crowded, (I know, want to how Singaporean) and luckily, we were not disappointed!

Scallops, Tiger prawns and Sotong.
Roughly S$20 plus our drinks.

After buying some local produce for family, we headed back as the shuttle bus was coming to pick us up.

Night falls.
View from our room.

Our small villa is on the left.

Jungle Boy went around the place taking snapshots.
Private beach for resort guests.

Day 2

We woke up bright and early for breakfast!
I had Thai pork porridge and he had bacon and eggs.

That is where we are like chalk and water, - Jungle Boy loves western food (he machiam banana) while I am a very asian cuisine girl at heart.
He digs fries, burgers and beefsteaks while I've always favoured soups and rice over any fine-dining ang moh meal.

But the one thing we agree on is Singapore's hawker food!
Coz its cheap, good and u can have so much variety without bursting the bank and it tastes like nothing u can find overseas.

So yes la, we always eat hawker food back in Singapore lor.

Then after a hearty meal, we went to the beach to take pictures.

See my dress, nice not!
Bought from the night market the night before and decided it was pretty nice to went back again to buy for my BFFs!

We hired a taxi and went to the biggest mall in Hua Hin!
Market Village mall.

Walked around, had some lunch and came back.
Took another swim and then we went to the beach to take more pictures!
It was different this time becoz the tide was low.


Took the tripod there and proceeded to snap many silly pictures with Jungle Boy!
Haha! Very cute becoz we went mad crazy thinking of poses!
But cannot post up else u all think we siao.

Bared-footed at the beach.

I like this picture alot!
I was doing circles in the sand.

Then we took the bus to the night market for dinner!
Same place but we ordered more this time round!

Ooohhh.. baked potatoes, spicy clams, steamed crabs and lobster!
Bill came up to around S$40.
We were very happy la!

Did another round of small shopping (but never buy much coz there were more food than anything else) and then we went back to the resort only to have Jungle Boy insist on having room service becoz he 'wants to try' the club sandwich there.

But secretly, I think its his substitute to Mac Delivery lor.
I watched him finish the whole thing.

Day 3

Our last day there and it was breakfast time again!
Wah basket, we eat so much coz there was nothing much to do in Hua Hin.

My favorite!
Koko Krunch!

I had eggs and sausages this time round.

Jungle Boy wanted to charter a boat to go fishing, but being monsoon season no boats were supposed to go out to sea.
But we were very very blessed to have such wonderful weather while we were there the whole time.
It was sunny but slightly cloudy so Jungle Boy didnt get burnt this time round.

Hehe, another swim coz I couldnt resist!
Blue skies, clear waters and lovely weather.

Random shots before packing up and leaving for home.
Roof top again.

Jungle Boy's lunch, a steak burger.
I keep eating the salad that came with his food coz he didnt like it.

By the pool.

And the it was time to go home sweet home.
Thus the end to a short but very sweet holiday with Jungle Boy.

I appreciate him spending time with me and cancelling all meetings to just get away for a couple of days.
Both of us work very hard for our future so sometimes we dun get to see each other for days at a stretch.
But thats ok becoz we believe that mutual trust and lotsa love will get us through it all.

Have u told someone that u love them today?

It doesnt cost a thing, doesnt take much effort to say but means a world to the receiver.
U'll be amazed how happy u will feel once u make it a habit to spread love around.

It might be to your family, ur favourite colleague who helped u today, - or ur very closest friend, too.

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I'm surrounded by angels, but I call them my best friends."
Author unknown.

God bless ur week ahead.
Have a great day!


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