Friday, December 25, 2009

I wish all u pretty girls health, happiness and love forever.

Both families are spending the day in church later, - we are going to have a buffet Xmas dinner there and then coming back home for more food and drinks!
Happy happy.

Im most ecstatic when Im surrounded by loved ones during the festive season.

I am grateful, thankful and very blessed becoz sometimes I spend holidays overseas alone and its so bloody miserable missing everyone back home and wishing dearly to be back soon as possible.
So when I found out that I get to spend Christmas with the family u cannot imagine how jubilant I felt.

On another happy note, I bought myself 2 Christmas presents!
Hahahha, actually its the highly raved Lancome Genefique range.

Génifique is a ground-breaking product that helps boost your skin's tone, texture and luminosity, as if your skin is lit from within. And it's incredibly simple to incorporate into ANY skincare regimen as Génifique is the ideal layering product. Its lightweight texture absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it soft and velvety to the touch.

Lancôme’s latest and greatest launches: Lancôme Génifique Eye, is Lancôme’s new powerhouse eye cream that improves dark circles in just a seven days.
Like the original concentrate, Génifique Eye brightens the delicate skin around the eyes, all while protecting it with antioxidants and soothing it with its gel-cream texture

The Youth Activating Concentrate and Eye Concentrate

Hopefully it works coz I admit, Im such a shallow person and I loveeee their packaging more than anything else!
Doesnt it look gorgeous?

Ok, Im off to bed now!
Take care everyone.
Peace and love xoxoxo


A shoutout to those who wish to know the software Im using for my pictures!
Its actually called PHOTOSCAPE as opposed to what I've mentioned earlier.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

rainbow: Thank u babe! But Im not very pretty, I just know my angles and the pictures are extremely deceiving so dun believe what u see! hahahhahah! :p

hi: Sorry babe! But please refer to the above. :)

Pinky from cozycot: Hi hi! :) Thanks for dropping by. I wore another leather jacket under my winter coat and I have gloves n earmuffs on to keep the cold at bay. I take around 25 mins to dry my hair, curl and set it. Practise makes perfect! :D

Fan: Merry Christmas to u too, babe! Im sorry about the adverts but frankly I do like helping the blogshops especially when I find that they have beautiful items at reasonable prices. :)

Ok bye all!
Got to go.

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