On NYC in December

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hi everyone!
How is ur Christmas shopping coming along?
Mine was horrendous coz everybody seemed to be in the same place at the same time, - Orchard Road!

But I had great fun meeting my sweethearts and running errands before the festive season.
Had a haircut recently, did my nails finally, and threaded my face before I ran out of time!
Must be mei mei for Christmas you noe ~

Some small pictures from my favourite concrete jungle.

My good friend.. J!
We shopped everywhere, had heart-to-heart talks and basically enjoyed each other company's in the cold cold weather.
We did so much talking, I think we kinda neglected shopping!

We went 5th Ave, Macy's and then Woodbury Factory Outlet which was like 2 hours away from NYC!
All for Christmas.

It was snowing alittle up the hills.

I wore a black top, black pants and curled my hair everyday!
Love the cold coz it doesnt fizz my hair like humidity does.
But then my skin feels like leather and I had to rub oil all over every night.

Guess u cant have it all, can u?

Woodbury and then some.

Macy's and their window display for Christmas.

Can u spot a hugeeee lighted Christmas tree? :)

And then I met the gang up for someeee cuban food!
Courtesy of Jason, I got alittle lost and was wandering around before I found the small cosy restaurant.

Our first time there!

We had seafood, chicken, calamari, pork and was pretty stuffed by the end of the courses.
But we didnt regret having dessert coz I really thought that the warm chocolate cake was to die for!

A group picture of my chums in New York.

They'll be back next year for Jason and Mimi's wedding at The Fullerton and the guys might even be planning a trip to BKK or Hong Kong or Bali to relax before getting married!
I totally wish for them to come faster becoz then it'll be my turn to bring them around Sinapore!

I wanna have Long Beach's black pepper crab, Boon Tong Kee's chicken rice, lotsa East Coast hawker food topped off with a round of durians in Geylang!

New York at nightfall.

I miss it already.
Hopefully I'll be back soon.
Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Exciting new blogshops to be featured soon, so watch this space girlies ~

Be well, be safe.
God bless.



reader: Hi babe, my gf is not the author from Mile-Hi! club.. although I do agree that they is some resemblance! But haha, no.. she's just a very normal girl-next-door.

ky: Thank u darling! But I put very light makeup usually although my fake lashes are very thick so if u see me in real life, I look like a drag queen (thats what my BFFs call me!!) So unless u wanna look like a drag queen like me, then I teach u how to make up ok? :P

missy: I have never doubted his sincerity becoz if u know Jungle Boy personally, u will find him a very genuine person. Either that, or he's a damn good actor la! Hahahha and Im a kampong girl, so hawker centres are exactly MY thing. So nah, I was totally comfortable with the fact that we went to a hawker centre for our first date. :)

yixuan: I wish u good luck and happiness forever! :D

wendy: Thank u!! I get my clothes from all over the world and if u like some of my cothes, u can take a look at my featured blogshops from the links at my side bar too! I usually blow my hair at Lucky Plaze Level 2 (but I cant rem the name!) or Jean Yip Parkway, Level 5.

Esther: Hahahhaha ur friends are so cute! But u should be happy coz they love u so much to wish u longevity! :D

e-ping: Wahahaah u very funny wor! If u cant get ur hair to be pong, u can try to backcomb before kiamp-ing it! N I also dunno why I look younger n younger!!! Must be my makeup skill getting better n better.. :P

katy: Thank u very much for ur kind words dearie! But Jungle Boy n I do work very hard to keep the flame burning. Sometimes we argue like normal couples do but I've learnt to be tolerant becoz its difficult to insist doing things ur way when in a relationship. I can never tell wat the future holds but as long as I try my best I have no regrets and will do it all over again in a heartbeat. :)

SG: I do like ZA alot! Their tinted moisturiser works well as a base n has SPF coverage so I do recommend it. :D

evilin: Its PHOTOSCAN babe! ;)

vivi: U wanna go USA for marc jacobs.

joey: I totally agree with u! N not only that, she has to have a balanced life of family n girlfriends to keep her happy too!

xuan: River island is good! Their quality will last for a long time so great choice! N no.. I haven heard of 'hard' water leh! :(

fd: Maldives is heaven on earth! Great for honeymooners too! :D

Mikotang: Mine came with the blog template wor! But u can search google for it, I tried and it did show results for different blog types. :)

Cyn: I do prefer my canon although my sony is so much thinner! But overall Canon is better I think.

Maggie: I miss u! My fringe requires a cut every 3 weeks! But I love it (so far) hehhee.

missy: I went to my LAO DI FANG auntie salon lor! Hehehe but if u do wan to do ur hair, u should bring a picture of what u have in mind and let ur neighbour salon auntie see. With their expertise, they can create the look for u Im sure!

meme: Meme darling I use a straight iron for my fringe!

eyeshadow: Babe, u wanna look for a pearly white or silver EYESHADOW PENCIL instead. The colour will be more intense. :D

Yimei: Thank u so much for ur support darling! U are being very kind. :)

spec & u : It was from ZARA but very last last last season!

Jace: Thank u darling! I hope u enjoyed ur birthday sweets! Come out soon!

gin_tonic: Thanks but I always take a pic or have something in mind then I go to my auntie auntie salon and tell them what I want. Kekek.

u: See above3x reply. Thank u!

ericia: Hahaha thank u dear!

steph: I agree with u but so is eating sashami.

kai: Thanks sweetieeee!!!

gina: Im not skinny! Getting bloody fat and now Jungle Boy cooking supper for me!!

Jace: Thank u!!!

Victoria: We get our durian puffs from either EMICAKES or GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL.

passer: Thanks darling, I got it from Abercrombie. :)

Mabel: Hahahaha I have straight teeth, but its bugs bunny teeth!

mango: Hehehhe u are very kind leh! :D

zeen: Wahahhaha when I have makeup on I look like a drag queen (My BFFs say one) thats why nobody will approach me!!!:P

Rachel: OMG I dunno where to start.. A&F, Coach, Bath & Bodyworks, Victoria Secrets...n so many more! Just keep buying!!!Have fun in US!!!

Fan: Thank u dearie! Come in more often! :P

cindy: I will email u shortly.

arissa: Sorry but I dunno where u are referring to?? Sorry wor!! I tried to look but I got rotating flower meh???

jace: Shift!:p

Florence: Its PHOTOSCAN.

ms: My title reminds me of my past and I kept it so that I will always be reminded to treasure Jungle Boy. :)

Tammy: I'll try to do a makeup post soon!

jo: I use a straight iron on my fringe! :P

mikotang: U are one blessed soul! Good things happen to good people so Im not surprised that U got ur wallet back! ;)

jan: Try to cut out all fried food n carbo after 6pm. A jog around ur estate will help too. Drink more green tea and cut all sugar from ur diet. No soft drinks and added sugar in ur tea or coffee if u can. Snacks are a no no and try to have smaller servings for breakfast n lunch. I know its not easy but no pain no gain!

Kris: Thanks sweetheart! How have u been??? N dun be envious, Im just a normal girl with a normal life. :D

polarie: WHERE DID U GOOOOO!!!! MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!

yw: Thanks! Its called the Pavillion Phuket.

lilin: Its cheaper in London at the moment if Im not wrong.

June: Yes!! Happiness all round... :) But sorry I tried but I cant change the color of my text! (Dunno how to...!)

hi: Its ok! Its PHOTOSCAN.

jace: Ya!!! I watch until pek cek! Hahahhah u very li hai can download all!!

annie: I just posted a skincare post.. hope u like it! :D

Jolene: How r u babe!!!!! Hows ur goddaughter? I do hope she's fine. :) N r u enjoying being a MRS??? :P:P:P Hehehehe n no u r not a cheapskate.. coz Im a bigger cheapskate dun worry!!!LOL

Jenn: Hahhah omg I changed my nail design already! *paiseh*


al: Its my neighbour auntie salon. But if u wan to have ur hair done, u can try to print out or take a pic of the hair u wanna do and show it to ur regular hairdresser.. they should be able to do the job beautifully. :D

Jamie: Hahhahah so shy! Yup I was flying to BKK right after the ROM so I had no time to remove my thick thick makeup that day! Just grabbed my bags n passports n off we went!

Paulineda: Thanks a bunch babe!

Lyz: Did u change ur megapixels in ur camera when taking pics? I use 12.1 megapixels so even when its resized its still very clear. Just a suggestion coz Im not really an expert too wor! All trial n error :P

Michelle: AH! Hahahhaha LOL thanks but my BFFs will beg to differ!

Sugarspade: Thanks guys! xoxoxo

Silver: HOW R U BABYYYYYYY!!!! Hows my darling prince enzo too! Take care love!

qwerty: Email me. Its gonna be pretty long winded! :D

Cheryl: Im sorry babe, but I've lost the address. I can email u my regular manicurist place if u prefer. Lemme know. ;)

passerby: Thank u! But I normally write about happier stuff becoz I dun believe in dwelling on unhappy things. :)

ivy: Thank u!!! Huan Hin is a simple place but I love it that way.

Kate: Yes.. yes!! I agree with u babe! I like Hua Hin for its peaceful environment and for the fact that its so quiet there. Ur resort looks faaaaabulous!!!

Faylinn: Hi babe! Im so sorry I dunno the price coz Jungle Boy refuses to tell me the exact cost. But its ard 2-3k for the whole trip (excluding expenditure) becoz its peak period and the ticket prices were skyhigh. We took a private car arranged by the travel agent. Ride took abt 2 1/2 hours in all. Their beaches are not as nice as phukets, but then again they have afew beaches to explore.

rainbow: Do I??? LOL!

Lyn: Thank u sweetie! We stayed at the Haven Resort.

Fan: Thank u darling! How r u!! :D

meme: R u referring to the ROM pictures? It was done by my auntie stylist and she backcombed n sprayed hairspray like mad. :p


Okie dokie everyone I cant believe I took nearly 2 hours to reply everyone!
Im so sorry if I've missed anyone out.. there are so many tags from so long ago I am slightly embarrassed I took such a long time to reply.

*flowers for all*

Take care and keep tagging.
Love y'all.

p.s Jungle Boy cooked spaghetti for supper! Super yums!
How to lose weight u tell me??

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