Pre-Mrs and Post Christmas

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays everyone!
Hows ur loooong weekend coming along?
I hope u had as much fun as I did.

Here's a short post when I had a night's out with the girls!
It was pre-BFF's ROM and she was still a MISS then. Kekeke.
Note: Pregnant BFF absent due to obvious reasons. :p


Us at the KTV.

Here's Jace, Noelle, BFF Miko and BFF Ah Ong. (Look at her face!)
Irritating! Hahha!

We went to Vivo's Partyworld!
As introduced by Mummy Noelle... I am amazed that she is more happening than a single girl!
(I is single coz I is not married yet.. okie?)

We drank, sung and played dice!

Ooooh my hair was longer then ah!
Now its about an inch shorter.

They forced me to take picture with the Chivas bottle.
I also dunno why?? *innocent face*

But this is my favourite pictureeeee...!
Look at my qian bian face!

Look like my absent BFF not?

(Previously unpublished picture)

We then started going alittleeee crazy..

We danced (okaaay... "I" danced) to WONDERGIRLS!!!

Noelle and Miko hogged the mike for Jay Chou's song.
BFF ah ong aka Hua is unhappy becoz Jay Chou is her husband boyfrieeeeend.
(She ownself say one.)

But Jace hates it becoz Jay Chou was her EX-BF.. (This one I say one.)

Our Carlsberg auntie.

Thinking about that night still makes us giggle and laugh.

Sometimes we girls ought to take a small break from our daily lives and have a night out about town.
I believe in having a balanced lifestyle and even though Im in a committed relationship, -I dun think its healthy being Siamese twins with our other half.

My utmost pet peeve is when someone starts all her sentences with "MY BOYFRIEND this blah blah.. MY BOYFRIEND that blah blah.."
While there is absolutely no harm in loving ur significant other, ur life should never evolve totally around him.

Contrary to what he tells u (or what u choose to believe in), men do need some time alone and they would much prefer having an independent girl who has her own life.
Rather than someone who acts like superglue.

Im not saying you should dump him aside and go party everyday but keep him on his toes by going out on ur own sometimes!

Im no guru in love and u can disagree with me totally.. but all I want for Christmas are my family, Jungle Boy and most importantly.. my most darling girlfriends, too.
And I hope u get ur wishes too.

Take care all.
God bless u and ur family in the new year.


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