Sunday, January 31, 2010

Was watching tv with Jungle Boy on a lazy Sunday evening until I got pretty annoyed that the audio was a tad too loud for my liking.

Me: "Hey... TV too loud! U deaf is it??"
Jungle Boy: "I deaf not becoz of TV.. is becoz u nag at me until I become deaf."
Me: "What the... !@#$%&!"

A typical day at the Jungle household as u can see.


Have u heard this before?
One of my favourites by the late King of Pop.
Absolute genius.

Why dun they make music like this anymore?

Off to watch tv (again...!)
Yes, I am unbashfully a tv addict I admit.

Off for a quick swim in the morning after yoga and then its following Jungle mummy to go buy New Year goodies!
Back soon, love.

Take care.
God bless.


p.s U noe the song is about his pet rat Ben right?

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