BFFs Christmas Gift Exchange

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year dearest all!
I wish everyone health and happiness and may u find peace and love in the new year.

I've been so busy running around towards the end of the year but with God's utmost blessing, - I had a day off and got baptized as a born-again child of God.

And as much as I would like to practise living perfectly as a Christian, I must admit that Im not perfect so there are always some things that I will succumb to.
Bags and shoes for one are my biggest Achilles heel.
And so is yoga.

As Mae West has so proudly proclaimed, "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.".
So I guess Im it.

I can never be perfect, so I would have to start living life imperfectly.
And other than reannouncing my faith in God, I am still the exact same person I was.
But happier.


On a christmasy note.. the BFFs had a small gift exchange!
Bring 4 noisy girls together and u betcha it was one hell of a good time!

Met my BFF Miko for afternoon tea and some window shopping.

I absolutely adored my white laced top from Fashion Euphoria!
It was so easy to wear and I matched it with black shorts for a casual day out with the girls.

Shipping is free for everyone and with every 2 items, u get 10% off only for the readers of elaine73!
But more of that later, okiesss.

BFF Miko and her strawberry shortcake.

We met up after the other two finished work and went to have dinner supper!

We try to meet up for a small Christmas gift exchange becoz we just wanna spend some time together and celebrate our friendship.
We usually put a cap of around $20 bucks per present becoz we dun wan each person to spend too much money, too.

Christmas is a season of giving, but unfortunately I do think that it got too commercialized and everyone is more fixated on the value of the present rather than the act of giving someone something.

But really, to each its own.

I like my Volcano ramen best!
N my fringe is getting so bloody long now.. I need a trim soon!

It was closing time for the restaurant so we had to adjourn to Macdonald!
After getting drinks for everyone.. we started picking out names written on the random pieces of paper for our gift exchange!

We would usually get one gift for the exchange but becoz we do love/hate/love again each other so much, - we got another smaller one for each person.
Which means one BIG present for gift exchange and three smaller ones for each BFF.

Well, the 3 of us did, - except for one person....

So she got 4 presents that day!
One big one and 3 little ones!
But the rest got 3 only lor, so she woo tang us one small one each.

Her not-so-guilty face.

But I think all she wanted to do was to laugh!
Kns hor.

Us exchanging the presents for Christmas.

I like this coaster very much! Its on my side table now.
From BFF Miko, its a testimony of us.
Esp the last sentence lor.

Miko getting an Anna Sui (what else?) present from the company's best employee of the year.

The girls.
Hua got a necklace from Miko.

Wen got mine!
Purple cutie bag from Victoria Secret.

Opening the rest of the presents up.

I got Wen's present this time round!
See my top from Fashion Euphoria.. nice hor!
Ruffled layers.. I likey.

They damn irritating la, ask me to use my present to cover my face when I say my face bery fat.
And take pictureee somemore!

Although we make fun of each other all the time, deep inside we treasure and care for one another.
I do sympathize with people who do not have any close girl friends becoz they are missing out on one of the greatest things in life, - friendship.
If u have ur regular clique of girls then u should be able to know what Im talking about.

The ups and downs in a friendship.. the misunderstandings that true friends ought to clear up and the mutual trust that u will never mean to hurt someone so close to u.
Sometimes its not easy, but if u really care then nothing is impossible, no?

Thats why even though Im evil to my evil-as-me friends, I do tell them that I love them and will always be there for them.

So therefore, cheers to friendships all over the world.

Piglet sidled up behind Pooh.
"Pooh," he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw.
"I just wanted to be sure of you."
- Winnie-the-Pooh

Anyways 2009 was such an amazing year for me, I attended my BFF's wedding and then another BFF's ROM.
Now one is going to be a mother soon and we are all going to be Godmothers to little Kayden Neo!
Yes.. its a boy and we are so excited for him to arrive!

My godson is confirm chop chop the most handsome-est baby boy in Singapore!
And some say Batam, ok.

On a personal level, I feel so blessed that even through all the financial turmoil in the world, I have such a great job and a rather stable one at that.
Im continually excited and passionated abt my work, - but one part of me is wondering if I should ever take a major step to do something else.

Im a born drifter, so I like doing stuff at my own time and enjoying the simpler pleasures of life.. like having kopi in Ya Kun in the afternoons.
I dun believe in working and slaving over a job if it eats into my personal life.
All that money in the world for wat?

And then of coz people work so much that they neglect everything else that should have been of utmost priority in life.
For me its health, family, friends and Jungle Boy.

Thats why I especially appreciate it when he take short trips with me, or when he plans his schedule around mine.

I hope 2010 will be better than the last and I sincerely hope its the same for u too!

Perhaps its time to tell everyone that we are planning to tie the knot in the next 2 years.
But I noe, Jungle Boy being Jungle Boy, he'll plan an official proposal blah blah blah n all but it doesnt really matter to me how he goes about doing it.

As long as he truly loves me, that all that matters.
Dun u think?

p.s it doesnt mean I have no or low standards regarding a proper proposal ah.
The 'we go apply HDB' kinda proposal will promptly earn him a kick in the ass.
And so is the girl proposing to the guy. (...what! U desperate is it??)

p.p.s and no, I will not be doing a wedding blog becoz I dun think anybody will be interested in it.

Bye all.
God bless.


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