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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi guys!
Im in sunny LA at the moment for work but will be heading home soon by the week.
Jungle Boy just got home from the jungle and this is our typical conversation.

Jungle Boy:"Just got home and going out with old man for supper later."
Me:"As long as u going out with old man not young woman I dun care where u go."

But its really not easy being in a relationship where the both of us hop on a plane every week.
Sometimes its like a long distance relationship becoz we dun see each other much.
However, for our future... we have little choice.

Was having take-out Panda Express for dinner and my fortune cookie claimed - "New financial resources will soon be available to you."
Yipeee... does this mean I have a new budget to buy another bag?

BFF calls me her best shopaholic friend but I reckon there's a shopaholic in every girl.

U mean u can walk by that perfect dress/shoe/bag in the window display during lunch time only to sigh, walk away and think about what u are going to have for dinner that night?
Im pretty sure u would tell ur boss a lie (like, u have a tummyache) to go try on the dress... JUST FOR FUN.

Yeah, right.

And then, JUST FOR FUN, again, I presume - U walk right up to the cashier and leave grinning like a cheshire cat who had just caught a rat.
Familiar anot?

Disclaimer: Any character appearing in the example is purely fictional and based totally on the author's reference.. of HERSELF.

Ok got to stop here coz busy slamming my DVD player against the wall and then sayang-ing it again.
Watching my TVB halfway then jam!
Then start again and it works... and when things get hot n heavy.. jam again!

Angry lor.

So bye everyone!
Love all.
God bless. (my DVD player from extreme mood swings)

elaine73 the shopaholic girl

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