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Friday, January 29, 2010

I cant cook to save my life.
With the exception of maggie mee goreng, I tried to cook rice once a long time ago only for me and Jungle Boy to end up eating porridge coz silly me had put too much water in the cooker.

But recently I like making spaghetti for a quick meal!
U can get Lazy Gourmet meals from selected Cold Storages, and all u do is to cook the pasta and add the sauce in.

Sometimes me and Jungle Boy cook it for supper, throwing in a minestrone or mushroom soup for fun.

We've tried the Alfredo, the Meatball ones, but I do like the original Bolognese best.

(Of coz this picture is taken from the website.. I dun have any white plates at home!)

Random pics when I went out dating with Jungle Boy.
My pong pong hair.

I do up my hair with a small kiamp kiamp.
I dun really add any product to it but sometimes if its very humid outside, I spray some hairspray to keep it neat.
For those interested in the tutorial, u can go to my seach bar at the side (under my archive section) and search for 'KIAMP HAIR'.

We had our dinner at White Dog Cafe in Vivocity, a place that I have often gone with my girlfriends for coffee in the afternoon.
Its a casual dining place, but I like the seats near the window, - overlooking Sentosa.

I took a picture of the setting sun.

The food we had that night, we also had some mushroom soup and the bill was slightly above $70.
Initially I wanted to go Food Republic but this stupid boyfriend of mine, knowing that it was my treat, - had gamely refused to go anywhere else!
He bery kns lorrrr.

But I know he really likes burgers, early early know I pull him go Carl's Junior hor.

I came across this at the bookshop.
How true.

Almost every episode got people die oneeeeee.

The twists, the plots and the scheming of the imperial ladies make this show very very exciting but scary to watch at the same time!
But I likey.
Coz they wear pretty clothes and have nice nice makeup too!

Heehee, ok bye sweets have to go work later.
Back to reply tags and then more.

Take care all.
God bless.


"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."
- Author Unknown


pinky: Hi pinky!My leather jacket is 100% leather and is from Herve Leger. And no, my trench doesnt come with fur lining, but its thick enough for winer though. :)

kai: Thank u! And yes.. nothing beats the feeling of being with loved ones. N Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Jace: Hahahha coz u hate jay chou so much.. must be ur ex-bf ma!:p

Esther: U can buy shou bao for me..! I like to eat them very much! Heheheh!

polarie: Omg u went japan!!! Im like so jealous can! Did u come back bankrupt or something? Tee hee the yen is so high now nearly died when I went there for work on New yr eve!

Angeline: Will be posting up info on my stylist at the end of the page.

piepie: Thank u babe! How r u? :D

evilin: Ure welcome babe! Hope ur bf like wat u did for him! :p

iryn: I use ALLURE n CHANCE by chanel. :)

jojo: Thanks babe! I got it from FOREVER21 in Los Angeles.

anon: Thanks for pointing it out! :D

BFFMiko: Thanks BFF muacks!

missy: Hahahha we are PLANNING.. but nothing concrete yet! p.s Jungle Boy saving money for wedding!

Tingy: Its at 313 @ Somerset. Called Pocket full of Posies aka Greenhouse Cafe.

Florence: U're welcome babe!

Pinky: LOL! Its just a small small car! :)

shanie: Its at 313 @ Somerset. Called Pocket full of Posies aka Greenhouse Cafe. My software is called Photoscape.

jas: Hehehehe thanks dearie!

Cheryl: I go to Iputa at Far East Plaza. Tel: 67357073

Victoria: Im posting details of the stylist at the end of this post! :D

mui: Pimples on forehead might be caused by stress or even something as simple as having fringe. Do take care by using a non alcohol based toner after washing face and a moisturiser that is suitable for u. I use clinque but its toner has some alcohol in it thou. Rem to drink more water as u might be 'heaty' too. I used to break out whenever I am heaty so sometimes I like drinking herbal tea from medical shops. Take care!

cheryl: (-_-)'' Hahhahaha my frends all call me ah gua actually! They will find this hilarious I swear!

Sue: My company puts up at Kowloon Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui but I like Mongkok area too! Will try to ask my BFF for hotel's name coz I cant rem wat our hotel is called when we went there for holiday last year. :)

kate: Hey dear! I've listened to u! There is a search button now! :D

anon: But I like tucker max.. :P

fate: Yes. :D

crystal: Hi babe! I use PHOTOSCAPE.

twinkle: Haha, not answering that question. :p

emi: Its similar to the one I've showed in my latest post (jan 29) Do look for 'KIAMP HAIR' for the tutorial in the search engine. Hope it helps!

bubblegum: I like them! But alittle uncomfortable when I wear it for longer hours.

April: Thanks dear! Never call out to me! :(

weili: OMG yes! Its me lor!!! Heng u never say " Wah who is this ah gua??" :P

cindy: Will be posting up details of my stylist later! :D

elyn: Ya my 1st pair of Havaianas too!! Can u imagine outside selling for $59.90?? :/

Thats all folks!
And if u are interested to know where I did my hair, its called COLOR BAR at 1 Jln Jamal
Singapore 457591 (Opposite Shell Siglap)
Contact : 64411136 and look for IVY LIU. (off on wednesdays)

Take care all!
Going to work, byeeeee!

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