A little shopping trip for the New Year

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hellooooooo people!
The weekend is coming but I'll be off for work and sadly missing a friend's birthday at Sentosa.
The alcoholics are having a wine-tasting session but its no love lost becoz I've stopped drinking some time ago.
Now I look at whiskey and I dunno where the charm's gone to.

Sometimes life's weird.
Things that u would have appreciated in the past might not be of any interest as u grow up and change.
Its exactly like that with regards to clubbing for me.

I used to be the biggest party animal but now all I wanna do is sleep by 12midnight.
Or watch The Simpsons with Jungle Boy.

I noe...!
We've became such boring people I wonder why Im still blogging.

But hang in there... I have skin tips and a great blogshop to introduce in this entry!

Some pics when I was in the states last week.
In the car.

Not alot coz I was er.. busy eating.. or talking.. or shopping!

My wonderful colleagues and I decided on a road trip to the factory outlet at Desert Hills!
We (ahem, the guys actually) rented a SUV and drove up 2 and a half hours all the way to go cheap shopping!

There were hardly anybody becoz perhaps the holidays are over and people would have bought whatever they wanted sometime ago.
But go during the christmas season and u'll be in a mad rush for everything!
And in the factory outlets.. its fastest fingers first!

Be slow and its gone.
Try to think about it and its gone.

Maybe there's where my shopping mantra "Rather buy wrong then not to buy" (as from a mandarin verse..) came from.
But dun quote me to ur boyfriends.. I hold no responsibility arhhhh!

With my sweet sweet girls.

Blue skies are amazing.

Upon reaching.. all of us got busy!

Posing in the middle of the huge ass carpark.
I wore a dress from CHICLAMODE!

Its white and black and totally unique!
U could wear it to a luncheon or even a hi-tea session with the girls, or like me, - I wore it with black tights and boots.
I threw on a long grey cardigan and had a brown belt on to slim my silhouette and match my boots.

(More on it later, peeps!)

It looks originally like this.
But I believe in pairing it up with accessories and changing it to suit ur own look.

As long as u are comfortable in it, there are no rules to looking good.
Sometimes I try on stuff and take them all off in the end.

Coz doesnt it look great simple, too?
Swwweet like dunno what.

After a whole day.. we drove to Long Beach for one of the best soba soup in Los Angeles!

And finally... what we bought.

Random pics.
These memories will be with me forever.

Sometimes in life, u win some.. and u lose some.

Its doesnt matter what u have or dun have, its the ability to be contented, the passion for love, the lust of life that should keep u going.

Nobody is perfect and one should never be greedy n aim to have everything.
Notice the little knick knacks around u, - ur ipod, ur computer, and the books that u read.. things u take so much for granted.
Or how about ur wonderful family and the roof above ur head that u ought to be grateful about?

I was in States when the earthquake in Haiti happened.
I saw the devastation that struck a country that have almost very little to start with and I feel so thankful that I have never been through such catastrophic measures of torment.

I see children without families and people who have lost loved ones, its so sad u cant help but wonder why does God put people thru such pain?

So I cant do anything but to pray for them to regain their lives back to normal soon and hope that in time, all wounds will be healed and for the suffering to be over soon.
God bless Haiti and the people.

If u wish to help, please feel free to go to WorldVision Singapore.
Or even if u can only spare a dollar or two to ur local church or temple or any charity that u believe in will be great.

It might be small change to u, but to someone it might make a difference.

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."
- 1 Timothy 6:10

I think its so amazingly true.
There are much more important things in life.
(And that includes buying a bag or two to reward urself.)


Take care, all.


So yes.. Im grateful to have my smelly, irritating Jungle Boy whenever I need a hug.


Ooohhh wait.. hang on!
There's more!

Special mention and with many thanks to the lovely people of CHICLAMODE for their great attitude and efficient service!

CHICLAMODE is offering the readers here 10% DISCOUNT off any first item simply by quoting ELAINE73 in the order form!

Prices are greatly reasonable and clothes are of great variety.
U can wear them to work, or go for a dinner with the girls in them!

To get first-hand updates and to be informed of new upcoming launches, CHICLAMODE invites you to join their exclusive mailing list here!

Here's a small preview of what CHICLAMODE has to offer!

I love :

High Collar Chiffon Top

Perfect for work.


Off-Shoulder Bandage Dress

Great for a nice dinner where u can flaunt a perfect figure becoz it hugs in all the right places!
Looks expensive but at wallet friendly prices.

Do remember to take a look at CHICLAMODE!
Love love.



My friends would know that I love drinking tea.
All day long, I drink a great deal of tea.
Black tea, Green tea, Chamomile tea.. the works.

But do u noe that tea can be a great natural skincare tool too?


-Prepare chosen tea in pot. (Roughly 4 cups of water and two tea bags)
-Pour in sink and place head over.
-Cover head with towel to avoid steam from 'escaping'.

Steaming will open pores, cleanse face throughly and allow the nourishment in the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Choice of tea will include:

Oily to Normal skin: Mint/Peppermint Tea and Green Tea
Dry Skin: Jasmine Tea, Lavender or Rose Tea (or any kind of Flower tea)
Sensitive Skin: Chamomile Tea


U can use cooled tea as a toner by keeping it in a spritzer bottle and keeping it in the fridge for a quick pick-me-up on hot days.

1. Black tea and Lemon Mix
Black tea is full of tannins and antioxidants.
Lemon juice helps remove grease and grime from pimple prone skin.
Use this mix only in the evenings as the lemon juice can make your skin photosensitive.

- One cup of water and One tea bag (Lipton)
- One lemon

Mix ingredient well and let to cool.
Shake before use.

2. Chamomile Soothing Spray
Chamomile tea calms sensitive skin and can be used for all skin types.

- One cup of water
- Two tea bags

3. Green Tea Oil Control Wash/Toner
Used by Korean celebrities, green tea has high levels of antioxidants and is also known to provide some sun damage by blocking out UV rays, which is why it is used in some sunscreen formulates.

- One cup of water
- Two tea bags

Instructions for use:

Brew and let to cool.
As a facial wash, cleanse face with normal cleanser and rinse off with cooled brew.
As toner, put brew in bottle and place in fridge.
Apply when needed.

To get rid of dark eye circles caused by late nights, recycle tea bags by placing it in fridge to cool.

Herbal teas like chamomile often have soothing and anti-inflammatory effect for tired eyes.

Black tea bags when chilled are great for puffy eyes because teas like Earl Gray and Green tea contain caffeine, an ingredient shown to constrict blood vessels like the tiny ones under your eyes that cause puffiness and dark circles.

-2 tea bags
-Place over eyes for 10 mins.

Okie dokie girls.. thats all for now!
I hope its some help to those suffering from skin woes (who doesnt?) and becoz its all natural, I hope everyone try it by taking some time off to pamper themselves before Chinese New Year!

Enjoy urself, take a hot bath and read a good book.
Take care.
Bye all.


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