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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Omg I lurveeee weekends becoz I get to spend a wee bit more time with Jungle Boy before he goes off to the jungle and before I go back to work again.
These coming weeks and months are going to so bloody hectic becoz he's going to be so busy with the company and Im..well.. just busy lor.

Today I went to pump petrol and wash car using my $2 coupon!
So smart right?

Coz it RAINED.
For just half an hour also shiooook.
Not so cleber alreeeeeady!

Even my friends laughed at me in Facebook and then one smartie *ahem cough Lyana cough* told me to always tell her when Im going for car washing so that she can bring umbrella out.

Anyways dun talk about my disgusting evil friends who even tell me that they foresee Jungle Boy proposing to me in MacDonald and putting the ring in a Happy Meal...

Back to my loooong overdue post when I met up with my darlings for Christmas!
Forced my friend to take picture for me infront of Takashimaya's huge ass Christmas tree!
Next to all the ang moh tourists.. I kept screaming.."OK NOW!!! TAKE PICTUREEE NOW!!!"

I looked calm.. but I was not.
How to when there are like a million tourists next to u trying to take a picture too?

The best we could do without me looking irritated/have an ang moh next to me/or looking irritated at the ang moh next to me.

But then I was in a good mood coz I get to meet my two favourite people and giving them silly christmas presents!
Being friends since secondary school days not easy ok?
Sometimes have to let loose and be silly together.

And then my grey bohemian top is from VACKRA DAGAR@BLOGSPOT!
Lurvvveeee the detailing on the top and due to its light and airy design, -I can stuff myself crazy and nobody can see my tummy!

My two darlings.
See my present for her? Cutest cupcake that is actually a towel!

We went to this very special cafe that has SWINGS for seats!
So we went yo-yo during coffee session and trigger happy becoz we.. were just being.. ourselves.

Trying to balance.

The food and drinks there are wee bit expensive (to me la.) for a simple afternoon tea, but the swing quite fun.
I guess u pay more for the experience than anything else.
Cake not too bad though!

Present that I got for Dom.
(Top right hand)

She forced us to take picture with all of it!

Stupid idiot gave me "High Maintenance" even when I threw it back at her!
And she gave Pearly "Bed Wetter"!!!
Hahahhaha, we had such a good laugh that day.

I miss my sweethearts already.

Sometimes we dun have time to meet, sometimes we dun even talk for a month, but deep down inside we have such a strong bond that people cant deny.
Its weird when u're so busy u didnt speak for ages, but then u meet up or call each other for even for a minute or two and u totally pick up from where u left it off.

And for that, I thank them.

Take care peeps.
God bless.

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.
- Fr. Jerome Cumming


Went for fringe cut this afternoon!
Super duper toot but I likey!

SPECIAL MENTION AND WITH GREAT THANKS TO VACKRA-DAGAR for their lovely embroidered chiffon top!

Not only is VACKRA-DAGAR offering a 10% discount by simply quoting elaine73 in ur order and if u buy two or more items, u get 15% off retail price!

All items will be sent to u FREE and if u have a total of 3 or more items..u even get FREE REGISTERED mail!
Hows that for all the kiasu in us??

So rem to visit VACKRA-DAGAR for lovely tops and unique playsuits that cant be found in shops!

I like these.

And this.

Yes.. very into ruffles at the moment.

Bye all!
Peace out.

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