Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi everyoneeee!!!
Im finally back and this whole week has been nothing but AMAZING!!!
Praise the Lord~

Firstly I had a great time stuffing my face with dim sum in NYC, experienced one of the heaviest snowfall, had a great time playing snow after breakfast,- ran around without a jacket, laughed my head off after being thrown like a dozen snowballs at my torso and then I go back and puke my breakie out.

My friend Willy calls me a little kid coz he says only kids play and then puke.
Is it trueeeee???

I bought a nice new bag - something I am really (x100) pleased about and then to my utter surprise, I came back home only to find not one, not two but FOUR little Valentine Day presents from Jungle Boy to match my new bag(s)!

The only sad thing is that I brought my charger out but no camera.
What a silly ass I am!

But then today Im going pick up my new Hello Kitty hp from my darling Lyana so yesssss I have a pink phone to use for the New Year.
Cant wait!

Bye loves.
I hope ur day has been pretty much amazing too.

Will be back soon!

I have to go overnight fishing out sea with Jungle Boy later!

God bless.

But I am so sad coz Alexander McQueen has been found dead, apparently the fashion maestro committed suicide.

What is more important than life itself?
RIP, A.McQueen.

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