ANOIV Rey Bitten Sheet Masks

Friday, March 12, 2010

Late last week.. I had a nice surprise in the mail.
(Magazine - author's own)

(Pronounced as "A-NOV")

The good people of ANOIV.COM has generously sent me their star product, Rey Bitten Sheet Masks from Japan!

But to celebrate the launch of ANOIV's debut online shop , they are offering a 20% discount off everything from ANOIV.COM!

Its a mask like no other, becoz it hooks behind ur ears (so that u can move around freely without any fear of the mask dropping off) and it also extends to ur neck to firm and lift up sagging jowls!

Japanese magazine comparing it with top end brands like SKII, COSME DECORTE etc.

The brands Bb-Laboratories & Rey are premium skincare in Japan and these 2 brands are carried by ANOIV exclusively.

I love these sheet masks becoz they give a glow to my dry skin and its very rich in essence, not unlike SKII masks!
I would put them on, walk around the house and it still fits perfectly.
But of coz, I would much rather relax by closing my eyes and listening to music while I have my Rey Bitten Mask on.

This is how it looks.
Its is uniquely designed to consist of a single upper portion for ur eyes, forehead and cheeks, while the lower portion is for ur chin and neck.

Do u noe that its a Number 1 selling brand in Japan?

Another extract of a Japanese Magazine.

Like I've mentioned, ANOIV is offering an Online Promotion.. 20% Discount for Purchases from 6 March - 20 March 2010!

And not only that, they are exclusivly offering readers to redeem a Placenta or Hyalurone Samples by quoting "ELAINE73"!!!
(U.P: S$70)
While Stocks Last.

"A placenta extract stimulates blood flow in the skin, to facilitate removal of waste in the tissue. At the same time it nourishes the skin. It enhances physiological function of the dermis. A placenta extract activates cellular respiration & facilitates metabolism. It helps to move melanin (pigment) to the surface of the skin. It removes dead skin, with keratin.A placenta extract alleviates inflammation caused by heat & ultra violet rays, inhibiting concentration of melanin. Through this action, it prevents the formation of spots & freckles on the skin. Placenta extract inhibits enzymes, which are necessary for production of melanin, therefore prevents pigmentation. It also prevents a decrease in the capacity of the skin to retain water, even in the even of sun burn or other factors."

To find out more, remember to take a look at ANOIV for more information on their fabulous skincare products from Japan!

For exclusive invitations to private sales and free gifts, do join them on ANOIV FACEBOOK right away!

As u all should know how particular I am about my skincare, and I will only publish the best.


I wish everyone great skin days from now onwards ~
Bye all!
Have a blessed, blessed week ahead!

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