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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello everyone!
Did I scare everyone with my makeupless pictures in the previous post?
Im so sorry!

But Im not ashamed to look ugly without makeup, - never mind one la.. I also not beauty queen.
I really dun wish to let ppl see only the 'makeup-ed' side of me when Im just like anybody on the street..
And that Im not exactly the mostest pretteriest cleverest person around.

Just plain ol' elaine.

Was so busy washing toilet and sweeping the floor after coming back from holiday.
Jungle Boy doesnt do anything around the house (except to watch TV) so poor me has to do all the housework.
Back to work tomorrow and then when I come back its girly time coz we are going to see our dearest new Mummy MagMag and Baby Enzo!

Im doing up the thousands of pics that we took in Batam!
Omg we had so much fun there we are planning another girly trip even before we come back to Singapore.

And I hope u guys are prepared for more makeupless pictures!
I intend to post MORE you noe...!
Hiak hiak!

And then I have the pics from our visit to BFF Wen and Godson.. and some with my favourite batchies from work.. then there was once we had durians with fellow church volunteers... Haiya so many things so little time.

Will be back real soon but before that, I got a small picture of my godson.

His pattern more than badminton, hor.

Love y'all!
God bless.


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Thanks a bunch peeps!

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