Batam Holiday with my BFFs!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear all,
Im sorry if I am not replying tags as often or as frequent as I should..coz.. Im really kinda busy these days..!

Church have been eating up most of my time in these recent weeks, u see.
Like I've mentioned before in one of my previous posts, we are in the midst of setting up a new place for worship.
Its not easy I tell u.. we went from a large established congregation to starting out with ZERO.
(Money and people, literally.)

In the beginning we had make-do with a borrowed place (from another smaller church) to finally having a place to call our own!
Therefore, in the past week everybody stayed up late cleaning the place, setting up the curtains, cleaning the toilet and arranging the chairs.

This is how it looked like last week...Cables every where and very very messy!
But I will only post the after picture next week okieeee!
Keeping the suspense becoz we will be having our first service at our new place tomorrow!
Jungle Boy and me are extremely excited.

So please, I sincerely hope u bear with me in this trying time where Im stretched rather thinly between work, personal life and helping out at church.

I feel bad for neglecting this space, but sometimes I need to adjust my priorities and sadly, this is just not it.
However this blog is always going to be in a special place in my heart becoz it has been through all my milestones in life and no matter how busy I am, - I will come back to it, regardless.

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me ~

But now.. BATAM PICS!

As u all know I had a short trip with my BFFs to Batam one weekend.
We couldnt bring the new mummy with us as she was sadly doing her confinement, so we roped in BFF's younger sister along!
Yeah! :D

And boy, did we have great fun!
From left: Jace, BFF Miko and BFF Ah Ong

At the terminal.
Alot of people leh! Coz March school holiday..

Before boarding the ferry

A quick one before we leave Singapore!

Unfortunately becoz we were busy taking pictures WHILE walking to the ferry, so we were very slow during boarding henceforth, we ended up having no seats to sit together!

Singaporeans very GOOOOOOD loooor when it comes to chope-ing seats!
I saw one guy chope one whole row of seats for his friends.
Then got some put bag, put plastic bag, put handbag, and put dunno-what baaaag on ALL the seats.

Win liao ok?
So silly us ended up sitting alone in odd seats available.

Neh mind la, luckily only 45 min ride.
So I just sit there diam diam and read my NewPaper on Jack Neo (what else?)who was on the headlines lor that day.

After our hotel transport picked us up from the ferry terminal.. we finally arrived.. @ HOLIDAY INN BATAM!

We checked in and proceeded to our hotel room.

We booked a two bedroom suite, and it has a small dining area and a living room with a sofa set.
Perfect for families, and also us four girls!

With little time to waste.. we went to Nagoya Shopping Mall after we put our bags down!
A&W... A&W...!

I wan to take picture with Mr A&W lor...

The shopping mall

And of coz.. we do what we girls went to do best.. BLOW HAIR!

While we wait for BFF Ah Ong (she has the toughest hair)..we shamelessly camwhore everywhere!

They have the BEST SKILLS!
Cost around 10 bucks or lesser iirc.

After our marvelous hair spa.. we went to do our 3 hour long body massage session..!

We took the package with included an hour long body scrub followed by a 2 hour aromatherapy massage.

It was pretty disappointing especially when the hair spa was sooooo good!
And also, the therapists didnt speak much english so it was uncomfortable trying to guess what they were trying to say.
A wonder becoz most of the customers there were Singaporeans.. but I didnt really care coz I slept through it mostly.

But BFFs bery angry coz their massages were PAINFUL instead...!
Aiyo so poor thing, pay money to get punched.

After the massage, we went grocery shopping at the hugeeee supermarket where we bought mandi lulur (Indonesian skin scrub) that cost around S$2 each only!
Cheap and goooood u noe~

This is the brand that we bought.

Our Indonesian dinner!
Lurveeee Gado-Gado.. I can eat it everyday.

After all the shopping and eating, we went back to the hotel to rest.
Back in the room.

Wan to how relac dao~

It was extremely fun coz we felt so relaxed after our shower and everyone was just happy spending some girly time with each other.
Its a break from our normal routines where we would each head home individually after dinner.
But in Batam, we spent our time watching Ch U's taiwanese drama and gossiping about movie stars together!

Very different from how I usually watch TV at home coz Jungle Boy will never know who Im talking about!
I can say that a so-and-so handsome actor is gay and he will look at me like he didnt hear it.
Or, I would repeat myself and Jungle Boy will give me a "Do I look like I care" look and its so so so irritating..!!!

But I had most fun exchanging information with my BFFs about the hottest movies stars and everyone will look like they totally understand how bereaved everyone will be, or how catastrophic it is if Jerry Yan would turn out to be gay.
(He's not, btw.)

We typically look like this during our conversations.

And then suddenly a commotion...

So funny meh I like to put my eyelashes in a cup??
Wun get lost mah!

But obviously some people are too busy watching Jerry Yan laaaa...

And then we ate our titbits and drank a grand total of 4 cans of beer.. together.
Sigh, we're really getting old.
I couldnt even finish my glass before turning in.

Our assigned beer auntie!

My act-emo pose.

We spent the rest of the night laughing at Jackie Wu's tatics in I Guess3x and everyone went to bed in high spirits.

The next morning..

Breakfast time!

After our complimentary buffet breakfast, we settled our ferry tickets back to Singapore (again, we had trouble booking them coz we were too slow) and then we proceeded to spend some time under the sun!
Yipeeeee! My favouriteeee.

We talked quite abit under the sun, sharing anecdotes on life, work and relationships mostly.
Im glad to say that I've been so blessed to have lovely girlfriends who trust me with all their secrets and inner thoughts.

"The privilege of friendship is to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected."
- Charles Lamb

Sometimes the men just dun get it.

And finally it was time to pack up and go home..!
At the shopping mall near the ferry terminal.

I can drink this everyday, seriously.

We had some food before heading back home to where our families, boyfriends and Facebook is.

We ran for our lives at the departure gate so that we can all SIT TOGETHER!
Finally.. a picture of us four in the boat.

Thus the end of our short but absolutely fun girly trip to Batam and I hope u enjoyed this post as much as I did recounting the joy that we had.

I promise to be back real soon, alright?
Excited for our opening ceremony of our new church tomorrow~
We've worked so very hard for this.

Keep me in ur prayers everyone, I hope it will be a resounding success!
Take care all, God bless.


"Love is blind. Friendship tries not to notice."
- Anonymous

p.s We've missed BFF Wen so much while in Batam!
Meeting her tomorrow (her confinement finally over so she can go kai kai already) for lunch!
Excited to see my best friend all showered and nice-smelling!

Bye all!

See my Godson so cuteeee lor..
Our happy botak boy!

Godma lurveee u so muchie muchie and faster grow up quickly quickly so that Godpa Jungle can bring u go lisco lisco he say one.


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