The Day we went SKII

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi hi everyone~
Thank you all for the warm support, I was pretty surprised!

It was like a cuppa hot chocolate on a cold night, - very comforting indeed.
U guys rock big-time.
Thank you.


Actually I just wanted to warn everybody becoz I have pictures of me and lover half-naked (kinda) frolicking in the spa!
Somemore I got no makeup on..

But here's a slightly normal one, with false lashes and some blusher no foundation.

I had bed hair, so I used my scarf to tie a bandanna around to hide my unsightly messy bangs.
Love the pink!

And then after the facial.

Actually I love going out without makeup for the simple fact that I dun need to spend alot of time removing it when I get home.

But I do resent looking kiddy au natural, (I noe, weird.) becoz frankly I cannot tell u how much times I've been treated poorly by service staff for looking 'young'.

Just recently there was a money changer who shouted at me coz he thought I was this young punk trying to be funny while asking for U.S rates at his shop.

I told him off promptly and walked off becoz I would never stand rudeness anywhere.
Blur people, yes.
But there is no excuse for being rude to ur customer, ok?

Ok back on to happier things..!
I arranged for a couple room, where we could be next to each other and talk alittle during the treatment.

And of coz.. wat greater reason to camwhore with each other! :D

The beds there are ultra comfy!

The best thing about this place is that I could apply my makeup discreetly at a makeup corner where they even provide makeup placed on the table for u to use.


After a facial.. u get to relax abit!

I love her TinkleBell Iphone case!
Have always liked the eternally cute fairy.

And after our rejuvenating facial, we left to get our hair professionally blown!
I love setting my dead straight hair in curls.. its absolutely divine to have someone massage, wash and blow ur hair.
But chose the oldest and most lok kok hair salon please, chances are the aunties have a ton of experience and charge a fraction of wat u would pay for an assistant in a high-end salon.

I have my regular place to go in town, and even around my neighbourhood.
They last typically around 2 days, or 3 days even if the humidity here doesnt kill it.
U can use rollers at home to maintain the curl and spray some hairspray on the 2nd day to keep the bounce.

Its extremely gratifying to do it once in awhile, so I urge every girl to try it once!
And it costs much lesser than a perm and u dun damage it as much.
Not only that, Im a fickle person so sometimes I like my hair straight, too.

Sometimes when Im running short of time, I DIY it using curling tongs but I much prefer the art of blowing hair with a brush.
The end result is usually sleeker, bouncier curls that look voluminous.
I likey!

After doing our hair, Lover accompanied me to go look for dresses for all the up and coming weddings that I have to attend!

Pics have to be partially blocked for confidentiality reasons.

There's like thousands of fittings, alot of pulling and preening before choosing a nice dress and I love my gowns becoz I get to wear them again to certain functions/dinner/whatever with Jungle Boy too.

But weddings are great reasons to go shopping!

After choosing two (coz I have four weddings scheduled this year and early next already..) gowns, we were pretty famished so off we went for dinner!

But not before dropping by local designer Ashley Isham's lovely shop to take picture with his pretty pink chair coz we cant afford his stuff!

Dinner at Ippudo Ramen!
The queue was so bloody long we nearly walked off when we saw the line.

But being the true blue Singaporeans that we are, we thought "Queue means GREAT FOOD riteee?"
Erm.. wrong.

Ippudo is a dark, nightclub-like place where the gyozas are about the size of my thumb and the ramen tastes like instant noodles.

It might look good, but trust me - I'll never go back there again.

Unless u are looking for medicore food, that is.

Or if u prefer to shout urself silly while trying to have a simple conversation becoz the owner there had a great idea to blast the music in a restaurant thinking that it might mask how below average the food really is.

Whatever makes u happy.

But undeniably, the company had been nothing but amazing and my day, nothing short of being indulgent.

Unfortunately I dun have the luxury of doing this everyday, but time out with loved ones are always welcomed no matter where or how we do it.

Take care everyone, enjoy the beginning of ur weekend alrite!
Off to Batam with BFFs tomorrow and I really need to go to bed already~

Church was amazing tonight and suddenly I wanted to share this which I've read somewhere.

"Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words.
Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions.
Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits.
Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny."
- Author unknown -

How true.

Stay mini-fabulous.

Til then, bye all!
Will be back soon.



p.s Lover's face bery cuteeee!

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