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Monday, March 08, 2010

Hello hello!

If u are wondering where the heck I have been..
Im so sorry for being missing-in-action!
Work has only been a fraction of me being busy.. coz I have something so much more important than work these days.

The truth is, due to some unforeseen circumstances - our pastor has stepped out to set up a church of our own!
And with God's grace.. the committee has been sourcing for a new place (which we have thankfully found!) and everyone is busy fixing it up.

From chairs to tables to cables and microphones.. we had to start from scratch and do everything from the very beginning.
Yes.. even cleaning toilets and vacuuming the floor.

But its a small humble place, which can only sit around 70 people, - a far cry from the thousand seater that we are used to.
However God works in mysterious ways and we have finally got the keys to a slightly bigger place!

I've actually stepped in to be part this challenge!
Jungle Boy has been a long-time volunteer so its natural that we do this together now.
The old place was pretty established and everything had a system and all but now, its like being thrown in the big ocean with nothing but a plank of wood.

So we are taking this plank and doing it up our way.
Gone is the old and now we have a new direction for our faith!

So I do small things at church like ushering, giving out food (we distribute food every week) and tying up loose ends like arranging seats, clearing rubbish etc.

Its a simple job but I really try to help in watever way I can.
Even if it means I end up being garbage collector for the day - abit tak glam but its ok!

And now we are all excited becoz renovation works will be starting soon and we are trying our best to create a cosy place for worship.

Somewhere that we can finally call our own.

Listening to the choir at practise one day.

I cannot help but be utterly amazed.

Can u believe that we started out with ZERO, but we have no short of generous contributions from everyone~ so much so that we manage to secure a bigger place (that can seat 100) with the donations and yet blessings keep coming in every other day!

Some donate food, some help us by moving the chairs and tables.. and some who are more blessed have donated musical instruments to the choir becoz in their words.."God only deserves the best! Not second hand goods!"
(becoz we contemplated buying second hand drums to cut costs.)

I apologize for going on and on...but I cannot contain my excitement.

Thats why I have been so busy these days everyone!
Im so sorry!

I go work on some days and we spend our nights there.. sometimes we get home so incredibly late I cant even muster up strength to take off my eyelashes.
Yes..I know, I know but I still need to look good ok?

Pics from our humble congregation.

Kena caught for doing wat I do best.. looking in the mirror.

Our mentor and well-respected pastor.

I love Jungle Boy's pictures.


Okies.. back to the blog.
Had some time for a family dinner to celebrate my daddy's birthday!

It was a nice get together with Jungle Boy parents and my parents and Im glad to say that our respective families have been dining as a group a fair bit ever since we had reunion dinner together last year.

Food is so much nicer when shared.

But sometimes Jungle Boy takes me out on surprise dates, too.

With the recent outbreak of news regarding Jack Neo and his alleged mistress, sometimes I ponder on how difficult it is to be a woman.
U give birth, spend all ur youth looking after the family and u devote urself to ur husband,- yet men continuously dun stop to think when temptation looks at them in the eye.

I shudder to imagine wat his wife is going through, but this threat is very real to everyone.
Ur husband might be a high flying executive or even a simple karang guni.. but trust me, if they can stray.. they would. (some!)

Jungle Boy teases me by saying he has many more years to reach 50 so that he can look for a 22 year girl!
I wan to smack him, lor.

But come wat may, and as long as a couple trust and love each other - I believe they can overcome anything.
Infidelity is not end of the world.

Jia you Mrs Neo!
(Not my BFF arh..)

Went to take some pictures under the blazing sun after our hearty lunch date.


Just now, I went out with some of my favourite people.

We haven met in ages, so I organised lunch nearby followed by coffee.
I absolutely love talking to them coz we end up laughing like mad reminiscing about the past and of common friends.
Its a pity that not every was able to make it, but hopefully we can meet up again!

We've grown so close we are like family.
<3 them all!

Off to spending some time at the spa with my lover tomorrow!
She's not working tomorrow so I'm bringing her to pamper herself. She has been working so hard recently, so she really needs some TLC.

Everyone should have some time to relax, rejuvenate and forget about everything.
Thats why Im particularly looking forward to my weekend retreat to Batam with my girls this week!
OMG.. I cant imagine just us eating, sleeping and spending some girl time together.
Wouldnt change it for the world.

Love y'all.
Back soon to reply tags!


Both mother and son are healthy and happy after a 16 hour delivery and I am also pleased to announce that I have found out that my other good friend is expecting again.

All these good news have put me in the most amazing mood and I hope everyone experience some form of good news in their lives today!

“Everything is possible for him who believes.”
Mark 9:23

Keep believing.
Take care everyone!

Edited to add:

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who bother to come back here day after day to see if there are any updates in this little space of mine.
Although I am no mega blogger, nor have I ever tried to be one, - I am deeply touched by the emails or even tags that u have all sent.

Sometimes I have my bad days too, but on most days I try to stay positive becoz I think worrying can never help solve a problem.
As I grow older now, I often wonder if I should carrying on writing becoz frankly.. I have never understood how anyone could be interested in my boring life.

I would never want to 'show off' or provoke ill-feelings amongst my readers so I do get tired of keeping this up whenever I sense a hint of resentment from anyone.
So do bear in mind that my life is not a bed of roses and it will never be one, - becoz different people get plagued by different problems everyday.

The best thing to do is never to compare, never to think that someone else is living a great life becoz u THINK urs is not perfect.
Why not appreciate what u have and strive to improve what u dun have?

But of coz, if all else fails - then always remember that if u have the time to be reading this, ur life aint too bad to begin with.

Stay healthy and happy, dear you.

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  1. Love you babe! That's the reason why I love reading your blog. =)


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